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Yale-Nus College

May 7, 2022
Yale-Nus College

You will come across various Yale-Nus College scholarships today. Moreover, you can avail yourself of various scholarships at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are some global scholarships that students and alumni can avail themselves of today. There are a variety of programs that are available today. Moreover, the programs vary according to the length of the course and other parameters. The Centre for International and Professional Experience at Yale-Nus College allows students to reach the zenith of success in their careers. You can avail yourself of the best programs today. International students can avail themselves of global learning opportunities that cater to diverse needs. 

A degree from the coveted collaboration of two universities is indeed a great opportunity for international students. They have a very innovative curriculum that is drawing students from across the globe. The university has combined the US system of education with Singapore- style administration. Thus, you can also call it a hybrid curriculum. You get to learn from two of the best universities from across the world at Yale-NUS. 



The Centre for International & Professional Experience has a team of advisors who can provide you with the right guidance, cultural engagement, and facilitation skills. 

  • The first one that you should know about is the Boustany Foundation grants for International Students in Singapore. It is partial funding. The courses covered are Business, Astronomy, and Philosophy. The scholarships are open for both international and domestic candidates. The scholarship is for PhD and Master’s level programs. 
  • Dr Goh Keng Swee Scholarship is allotted to students from the Asia-specific region. Moreover, India is one of the countries. You can pursue undergraduate programs on this scholarship. The scholarship supports 4 years of study at the undergraduate level. Furthermore, the scholarship covers the tuition fees, airfare, and annual, and hostel expenses. 
  • Need-based Study Awards is another scholarship that Yale-NUS College offers. No matter what background you have, you can avail yourself of the best opportunity. Your eligibility will be confirmed based on your financial background. 
  • Merit-based scholarships are another offering from the prestigious Yale-NUS College. The award is granted to exceptional students, based on educational background and extracurricular involvement. The selection committee selects the candidates based on a holistic review of the application. All students who apply for education at Yale-NUS College are automatically considered for scholarships. 
  • Yale-NUS also offers a scholarship for international students, studying in Singapore. It is called the Tuition Grant Scheme program. The program entails students working for three years after completing their course at Yale-NUS. 

There are more such scholarships available for international students at Yale-NUS College. 

Participating Universities

Yale-Nus University under the National University of Singapore

Scholarship Amount

Variable and depends on courses and duration. 

Scholarship Criteria /Eligibility

If you want to gain the advantage of the scholarships at Yale-NUS College, you need to fulfil certain requirements. 

  • The scholarship is open to all. 
  • You can just apply to the college, and get considered for merit-based scholarships. 
  • No materials and additional application forms are required for the merit-based scholarship. 
  • In most cases, your tuition fee will be paid for, either partially or fully. If you are an international student, you should check the level of the grant that you are eligible to apply for. 
  • You must also fulfil the criteria for English language proficiency. 
  • If you are getting a partial scholarship, you need to find out more about the remaining fees which will be self-paid. 
  • You can take assistance from a global advisor while applying for one of the global scholarships. 

How to Apply?

Before you apply for any scholarship whatsoever, you have to create a compelling application. The same principle applies here at Yale-NUS College. You will come across certain questions when applying for the scholarships. Read them below. 

  • How do you want to make a difference to the world?
  • Which programs according to you, fit your goals?
  • Who is in your educational team?


You have to apply for the chosen course at Yale-NUS, and then you have to apply for the scholarships. Only the merit-based scholarship is rolled into one with the application. For others, you have to apply on the university portal separately afterwards. 


You are required to submit the application form along with your CV, a photo, course acceptance letter, and other scores as demanded, from time to time. 

Alon with that, you have to submit the following:

  • Educational transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Receipt of application fee
  • GMAT and GRE scores are essential to seek admission to the university, so you have to submit details of the score. 
  • You also need to submit details for English language proficiency tests. You should have the following scores:

TOEFL – 100

IELTS – 7.0

At Yale-NUS you will get the right assistance to embark on your career path with the help of their in-house CIPE advisors. You can also avail yourself of international internships, after your education at Yale-NUS. 

If you feel that you need more specific information about the courses and scholarships, you can get in touch with Admissify. They are global overseas educational consultants. You will get the right guidance from them. 

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