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Why more Indian students chose to study in the UK over Canada, Australia & NZ in the last 3 years

December 27, 2022
Why more Indian students chose to study in the UK over Canada, Australia & NZ in the last 3 years

According to information provided to the Rajya Sabha recently, the overall number of students traveling overseas to pursue their education decreased between 2019 and 2021. In contrast to the 5,86,337 Indian students who studied abroad in 2019–20, only 2,59,655 and 4,44,553 students traveled overseas during the previous years, respectively.

According to the report by MEA, the number of Indian students studying in the United Kingdom climbed by 174% between 2019 and 2021, whilst the number of students studying in New Zealand and Australia decreased. The best overseas consultants in Guwahati spotted a similar decline in the number of international students in Canada, going from 1,32,620 in 2019–20 to 1,02,688 in 2021–20.

The UK, however, recently overtook other popular destinations, changing the pattern. Over 160 universities exist in the nation, and 84 of them are highly regarded internationally. The numbers increased from 36,612 in 2019–20 to 44,901 in 2020–20 and 77,855 in 2021–20.

Read the full article below curated by the team at admissify to understand the reason behind this change in trends.

The launch of post-work visas 

The opening of post-work visas for students is the primary cause of the increase in numbers in the UK. The Graduate Route encourages students to pursue higher education in the UK after completing their course, allows them to remain there, and makes use of the prospects for career advancement this country provides. The leading study abroad consultants in Delhi explain that due to the statewide labor shortage, the UK government loosened its visa rules in 2021, allowing postgraduates to stay in the country for longer to look for employment. On January 1, 2021, a new graduate visa was introduced, allowing graduates to work for two years and 3 years for Ph.D. students in the UK once they have finished their studies.

The short duration of the course

Budget is an important consideration for Indian students who want to study abroad, according to a Western Union report. The best overseas experts at admissify noticed that due to high foreign tuition costs, 47% of students chose short-term programs. the universities in the UK are known for their 1-year master’s degree program which further reduces the cost of living for international students. In addition to this, the cost of a master’s degree in the UK ranges from $15,030 to $25,050; while in Canada or the USA, it can cost up to $35,000.

Offbeat course

In the year 2019-2020, most Indians migrated to seek postgraduate degrees in IT or Communications in the UK due to excellent career chances in these industries. As well as the traditional fields like engineering, technology, and business experienced a significant influx of students from India. However, the abroad consultants in Delhi note that the pattern has evolved, giving way to unconventional degrees like Game Development, Ecotechnology, and Marine Engineering. Indian students prefer to study in the UK because these programs are not as well-known in India.

Higher rate of acceptance

While other countries Aare becoming strict in terms of accepting only distinct profiles, the universities in the UK have displayed leniency towards selecting applicants. Close to 50,000 Indian students had received approval to study in the UK as of March 2020. The best overseas consultants in Guwahati observed that in the year 2019, just 37,500 students were granted UK study visas and the graph has been only growing since then.

Covid-led visa restrictions

Due to stringent Covid-led immigration restrictions in Australia and New Zealand, the countries have lost the incoming international students. The pandemic with impositions of lockdowns around the globe affected aspiring international students the most. However, the best study-abroad consultants in Delhi are confident that the numbers will increase in the next academic year.

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