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Why Melbourne Is One Of The Best Cities In Australia To Study, Work And Live In?

June 8, 2022
Why Melbourne Is One Of The Best Cities In Australia To Study, Work And Live In?

More and more students are flocking to Melbourne for educational pursuits. If you enquire from any of the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi, they will echo these thoughts. It is the second-largest city in Australia as well. You can consider the Australian city of Melbourne as your study abroad destination, as it has myriad opportunities for international students. 

Additionally, you can also land yourself an abroad study scholarship if you feel the need for finances. Melbourne already has a bustling immigrant population, so another addition will only make the place better. Here are a few reasons that make it one of the best cities in Australia for study, work and livelihood. 


Reasons Why Melbourne is Favoured Over Other Cities 

Financial Status – Melbourne is one of the seats of financial power in Australia, after Sydney. You will find a number of MNCs located there. So, if you are pursuing a course in Melbourne, you can get yourself an internship opportunity pretty soon. After you complete your studies, you can also get a good job in any of these companies. The Best overseas education consultants in delhi for uk, will also give you the necessary information on the kind of degrees and qualifications such companies are looking for today. 

Safe and Reasonably Priced Accommodation 

Another feather in the cap is the accommodation factor. Most Melbourne universities have a student accommodation option, where you can put up during the duration of your course. It has all campus-like amenities for students to choose from. Additionally, you can get the cheapest accommodation there in Melbourne. If you compare the living costs with that of other countries, it is way cheaper. It has been voted the most liveable city in recent times. 

Public Transport 

If you were not so lucky to have secured accommodation near the university campus, do not fret. You can still save on your commute, by using the cost-effective transportation. The public transportation system is vast. You can avail yourself of the tram system, which is very cheap. You can also get the myki card for yourself. It will enable you to travel by bus, train, and tram. 

Endless Travel Opportunities 

That is another reason why you should head to Melbourne study there, and also look for a job there. You can fulfil your travel dreams there. It is located in an area that has numerous Alpine forests. Then there is the sea and valleys as well. If you are an adventurist at heart, you should consider kayaking and white-water rafting, too. There are quite a few outdoor parks in the city as well. Enjoy your time there on weekends. Feel free to visit the parks that are located in the vicinity, like the Royal Botanic Gardens, Flagstaff Gardens, Docklands Park, and Treasury Garden. There are quite a few beaches around Melbourne where you can surf on the waves. 

Best Weather 

If you are planning to work there after your studies, you are in for some great news. According to the Best overseas education consultants in delhi for uk, the weather can be a bit surprising. You can experience four different types of climates in one day. You can enjoy diverse weather patterns. At first, you may feel a bit surprised, but later you might get accustomed to it. The best uk consultants in delhi, will give you plenty of reasons to migrate there. 


You can consult the study abroad consultants in delhi and unearth multiple facets of the city. Admissify is one of the renowned education abroad, and immigration consultants, who can give you a first-hand advice on the same. Connect with them on 09999-127085.

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