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Why Indian students prefer to study in the UK?

January 12, 2023
Indian students prefer to study in the UK

India has many institutes and universities offering world-class degrees in several subjects. However, a large percentage of students who choose to attend university in the UK are also from the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, the best study abroad consultants in Delhi say that studying in a country such as the United Kingdom provides an incomparable experience. According to one research, the number of Indian students choosing to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom has surged considerably. With a total of 26,685 students, India is the second most popular country of origin for non-EU students in the UK. So it begs the question, why is the UK so popular among study abroad students? Let’s find out!

The UK’s economic prospects promise a higher standard of living              

The UK would have a competent mixed economy if we compared the country based on its economic situation. Additionally, it takes pride in being the fifth-largest economy in the world in terms of market exchange rates. The country’s GDP was $2.63 trillion in 2020, demonstrating that the per capita income is similarly high compared with India’s. This further implies that life in the UK is far higher. There are significantly more work opportunities in the service and tourism sectors compared to India. Considering the collection of development indicators maintained by the World Bank, the entire labor force in the UK will be 34 million individuals by 2020.


This means there is a greater probability that a  student in the UK will be absorbed on the spot. Furthermore, the evaluation of numerous elements such as access to basic services, educational quality, air quality, GDP, and so on are now taking place. The results show that these economic considerations ensure that the aspirants live in a thriving environment.

The improving economic conditions in the United Kingdom also imply more excellent healthcare services. These health services are available not just to nationals but also to the aspirants. According to the best UK education consultants in Delhi, the United Kingdom has an excellent healthcare system. As a result, students studying abroad will never have to worry about large medical expenditures if they become ill.

Financial Independence in the UK even before graduating

The benefit of studying abroad in the United Kingdom is the ability to work during and after graduation. Therefore, Indian students find it highly enticing to pursue further education in this nation. Working while studying allows kids to become financially independent and teaches them responsibility. The country’s student rules allow individuals to work part-time while pursuing their university degrees, which is not unusual. What distinguishes this standard is that it also works up the Graduate Immigration Route. This technique permits students to stay in the UK for an additional two years to apply for and find jobs after graduation. Many study abroad students have benefited from this change and consider it a lifesaver. Additionally, it gives them the groundwork to stay in the country and get a good job. Furthermore, many postgraduate degrees demand job experience, so working part-time can be highly beneficial in these circumstances.

Immersing oneself in multiculturalism

When one begins the experience of studying abroad, the new acquaintances they will make will inevitably be very different. This difference manifests in different ways, such as ethnicity, race, language, culture, etc. The United Kingdom is the most popular study abroad destination, having a dynamic multi-ethnic population with people from all over the world. This provides Indian students with numerous opportunities to engage with and learn about people from other countries. Furthermore, people know distinct values from their civilizations.

Additionally, you won’t ever experience homesickness there, thanks to the sizable Indian population that already resides there! So, all these reasons make studying abroad in the UK a worthwhile experience! The opinion of an experienced study abroad consultant can be a great support during the immigration process. 


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