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Why Choose Dubai As Your Study Abroad Destination?

October 29, 2021
Why Choose Dubai As Your Study Abroad Destination?

Dubai is one of the seven Arab emirates. It is one of the richest countries in the world. Moreover, it has an oil business that the entire world depends on it for. You can enquire about Dubai, from a genuine Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi. The architecture and technology in Dubai have always attracted awe and inspiration. More than 27,000 international students study there currently. Some wonderful study abroad options are available there. You can check out the various abroad study scholarship options, that various top universities are offering.


Universities In Dubai And Courses

You will come across a variety of courses in Dubai universities and colleges. There are at least 5 public universities and more than 65 private ones. Additionally, you will come across Federal universities and international branch campuses of foreign universities as well. You will come across the best-accredited programs in Dubai.

You can also check with the Best overseas education consultants in delhi for uk, for more insight on this. Dubai offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The various courses that you will come across in Dubai include Engineering, Technology, Arts, Law, Aviation, Computer, and Management to name a few. By the end of the courses, students get degrees and diplomas awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education UAE. You will be able to get a global citizen’s outlook, after completing your education in Dubai.

Reasons Why Students Choose Dubai Over Others?

One of the primary factors, that makes it a good choice is the cost of tuition fee. If you compare the cost of tuition fee with several US Universities, it is much less. The living cost is also very affordable. You can complete graduation within 70,000 AED and postgraduation within 75,000 AED. You can also avail of international scholarships, said previously. Many international students, study in Dubai under partial or full-scholarships. That seems to be good news. You can also work while studying, to compensate for some of the expenses. A student can work for 15 hours every week or 60 hours in a month, while studying in Dubai. During summer breaks, it goes up to 40 hours and 160 hours respectively. The best uk education consultants in delhi will be able to give you all the information about the working hours and norms. All those who want to work part-time have to seek permission from the universities.

There are many more reasons to study in Dubai, than just these. It is also one of the best progressive economies. Many multinational organizations have their branches there. So, the scope of securing jobs is also immense. Dubai can provide students with myriad work opportunities. DIC or Dubai International City is one of the major IT hubs there. More than 1,600 businesses have set shop there. There are companies of all sizes, from small, medium to Fortune 500 companies there. The best uk consultants in delhi can help you to get a place there. A study abroad consultants in delhi will be able to show you all the positive aspects of studying in Dubai. Thus, it will make it easy to convince parents as well.

Additionally, more companies from abroad are making it their middle-eastern hub. These are a few of the reason, why Dubai is one of the favored destinations for foreign education. You can gain an international exposure and perspective, while in Dubai.


Your Study Abroad Consultant can explain all the procedures, and visa rules to apply to any university in Dubai. So, you can prepare and make arrangements from beforehand.

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