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Which Is Better, Australia Or New Zealand For Abroad Education?

November 15, 2022
Which Is Better, Australia Or New Zealand For Abroad Education

If you are looking for study abroad options, then the thoughts of Australia or New Zealand as the preferred destinations must have crossed your mind. Both countries have universities and colleges in specific cities, which offer the best education both at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Australia’s education system is at par with the best universities in the world, whereas student life is great in New Zealand. So, all those international students who are harbouring dreams of studying abroad are often confused. However, you do not need to be confused, as you have help at hand in the form of a study abroad consultant. 

When you are out there to find out, which is best, there are a number of factors and parameters that you need to check. Find out what they are from the study abroad consultants in Delhi

Factors That Can Affect Your Decision 

  • Culture – It is an important thing to consider when you are trying to decide between Australia or New Zealand as a foreign education country. Australia has a mix of Western Anglo and Aborigines, whereas the people are more modern and new-age. Both countries have an eclectic environment and the people are hospitable in both. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi say that students will find the culture to be great at both places while studying and living there. 
  • Education System – For many students and their parents, this is the main factor that they would look up to. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi will also tell you about this aspect in the first place. You can go for various courses, that too at various levels in New Zealand. The levels are marked from 1-10. For example, a certificate-level course may be marked as level 1, and the PhD course is level 10. Apart from meeting the university’s criteria, you have to prove your English proficiency to go and study there. If you are an international student, wanting to head to Australia, you need to have a background of 12 years of continuous education in school. This applies to undergraduate-level courses. You can ask about this aspect from the best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Australia. 
  • QS-Ranked Universities – Both countries are home to some of the top universities. The top ones are Auckland University, University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington, and Massey University. In Australia, the top universities are the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne and The University of Sidney. The educational standards at both these places are world-class. So, you have to check, whether your subject or course is there or not. Additionally, the course structure also matters. You also need to find out detailed information on the fees. 

Other Factors:

  • Next, come the admission procedures and requirements. You can apply at any Australian University with just 60% marks. But for admission to any of the prestigious universities in New Zealand, you need 70%. 
  • Now, coming to the options that you may have, Australia has more universities than New Zealand. If you are interested in pursuing courses in engineering, computers, mathematics, MBA or health care, Australia is a better option. However, if you want to pursue courses like hotel management or Business IT, then New Zealand is better. Both countries follow a semester-based schedule for their courses. 
  • Now comes the ultimate decision-making factor for many international students. It is the cost of education. If you want the fees to be cheaper, then you should go to New Zealand. Both educational as well as living expenses, are cheaper in New Zealand as compared to Australia. 
  • Scholarships are also quite abundant in both cases. You can apply for such funds both at the private as well as the Government level. So, it is a win-win situation for students, as per the best UK education consultants in Delhi. 

Visa System in Both Countries 

You have to apply for a student visa if you are interested in studying in Australia, and you can take a spouse along if you are pursuing master’s or PhD courses. Moreover, you can also work for 40 hours part-time. The ease of getting a visa to New Zealand also makes it a good deal. Moreover, spouses can also work on your work visa. The permanent residency process for both places is standard as well. 

Now, you have to decide, based on the courses that are listed above. The ultimate decision depends on your career goals. The best Australian consultants in Delhi can give you some suggestions. Northeast students in India can connect with the study abroad consultants Guwahati. Admissify is the leading overseas education consultant today, who can help you to realize your study abroad goals. So, ask them about it!

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