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Which Are The Top 10 Cities For International Students In World?

September 14, 2022
Which Are The Top 10 Cities For International Students In World?

For International Students some of the best places for studying abroad have been shortlisted, according to various parameters. You will learn which countries are the best for studying abroad and also the factors that affect the decision. Some of the factors which are taken into account, by the study abroad consultant, to shortlist the top ten cities for international education globally are listed here. 

The parameters or factors are high-quality teachings, work scope, research scope, fees, scholarships, variations in courses, and language used. Travel opportunities are also considered. 


Top 10 Cities For International Students In World

  • London – It has been voted the best city in the world for international students. There are at least 18 universities there that are academic hotspots. London is one of the cheapest options, according to the study abroad consultants in Delhi. Apart from that, you can also access some of the cheapest attractions there. There is the Natural History Museum and the British Museum, which are the places you cannot miss. The place is a cultural melting point, too. 
  • Munich – It is also one of the more famous cities, in Germany. It is highly affordable, and the employment rates are also quite high. The tuition fee waiver is also there in certain colleges and universities. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi will also tell you the same thing and will definitely encourage you to go there and study. 
  • Tokyo – It is another big city, and the urban lifestyle is unmatched there. There are 12 internationally ranked universities there. Public safety is a top priority there and the standard of living is also quite good. International students also gain a chance to earn high, so that is an added advantage. 
  • Berlin – It is another German city, that is worth mentioning here. It has also risen to the top ranks after a lull. Most courses are taught in English, and that seems to be a top advantage there. The waiver of tuition fees at some of the places in Berlin makes it a must-visit. You can get in touch with the best overseas education consultants in Delhi to find out more about free universities. 
  • Melbourne – Another city that is occupying the top ranks today is Melbourne in Australia. The top seven universities are located there. Additionally, the place houses a diverse student community. The work scope is also great, and PR is easy to achieve. These make it one of the top destinations for students. 
  • Sydney – It is the largest Australian city and draws a large number of international students, the entire year. World-class education, the best living standards, and high employability rates make it one of the most desirable, cities for international students. Google, Apple, and Microsoft also have their headquarters there. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Australia will also provide you with all the details regarding the colleges and universities there. 
  • Montreal – How can you even forget Canada? It is one of the top international destinations, owing to its student-friendly policies and the easy availability of PR visas. The best Canadian consultants in Delhi will be able to give you more details about the huge variety of courses, that are available. French and English are the two official languages there. The blend of both cultures lends a beautiful ambience to the place. 
  • Boston – Another top destination for international students is Boston, which is in the US. The US without any doubt has the best education and research infrastructure. Although the fee structure in the US is on the higher side, you can get aid in the form of scholarships. 
  • Paris – It is one of the most romantic destinations, and great for students who want to explore vocational arts, like artistry, sculpture, fine arts, fashion designing, and stage arts. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, the scope for interning with the best museums and fashion ramps ate too good to resist. The best UK education consultants in Delhi will echo the same thoughts, as all. 
  • Barcelona – It ranks year after year, as one of the best study abroad destinations for international students. There are at least seven top universities there, apart from the great weather. More and more students are realizing the benefits of studying there and heading there to pursue courses. 

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