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Which Are The Safest Cities In Europe For A Female Overseas Student?

September 29, 2022
Which Are The Safest Cities In Europe For A Female Overseas Student?

When a female student looks for a study abroad option, the second prerequisite is often safety after quality education. Yes, the cost is also an important consideration. So, you can consider these two in the same position. Studying abroad is a dream, that many students see. Today, the gates are open far and wide, so the students can head to any country of their choice for education. The colleges, universities, the government, and the NGOs are also lending a hand in funding so that international students can realize their dreams. 

When it comes to female students, parents are all the more worried. It may be due to the recent spate of events, which force parents to worry about their wards well-being. In recent times, you must have heard about racial attacks and threats doing the rounds. The lone female student is also not safe in a foreign country, with stalkers waiting at every turn. One of the top destinations, which are suitable for female students, due to their safety quotient are listed below. You can also get in touch with the study abroad consultant to find out more details about the courses and other factors. 


Why European Cities Are A Safe Bet?

Not all European cities are safe for students, but a few are. There are quite a number of top-ranking colleges and universities there. It is but true that students no matter which gender, often have a harrowing time, adjusting to the new ambience and schedules. Furthermore, with more than 400 top-ranking colleges and universities are located there. Europe is surely the destination to be. The study abroad consultants in Delhi will ensure to pinpoint the right places for you. 


You will be amazed to know that it has a very low crime rate. Moreover, it is a major city in Germany which is cosmopolitan in nature. The immigration population is also huge. If you are a girl student, you should definitely feel safe there. Technische Universität München and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München are the top universities there, and that attracts thousands of students every year. And, many of them are girls. So, that is a huge advantage. The urban infrastructure also appeals to most students. To add to the benefits, the cost of transportation is also quite low. Moreover, the tuition fees concept stands abolished at public universities, so that is another huge bonus. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi can provide you with the best advantage in terms of information and formalities fulfilment. The student percentage in Munich is almost 25%, so that is another attraction factor. Connect with the best overseas education consultants in Delhi and find out more about the safety standards from their alumni network. 


You can also find Vienna’s name high on the list of the safest cities for female students. It is a large city in Australia. Moreover, it is an immigrant-friendly city with an international student population of 400,000. The city has many scenic places and the standard of living is also quite good. You will often find it ranking high on data tables, for the quality of life, it offers its residents. Females are quite safe there. The Austrian Government also practice active policing in all the regions, so that adds on to the protection factor. Female students also get scholarships, so that is another huge advantage. Additionally, if you compare the tuition fee, it is way lower than other nations. That is what the best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Austria, will tell you. 


If you ask about the safest educational destinations for females, from the  best Swiss consultants in Delhi, you will rightly get the answer, Geneva. It stands high, as the second-largest city in Switzerland today. The place, has off late, reported a very low percent of crimes, especially against women. The place, according to the best UK education consultants in Delhi is very immigrant-friendly. So, that seems to be a huge advantage for students there. The University of Geneva, is also one of the top-ranked universities and provides quality education to students. Female students seem to be enjoying great campus life, amidst the Swiss Alps there. 


You can also connect with Admissify, so that they can help you in making all the arrangements for travel to such places. Get in touch with the study abroad consultants Guwahati and find out more about your prospects there. 

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