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Which Are The Most Student-Friendly Cities In Europe?

September 24, 2022
Madrid and Lisbon

Europe is one of the top destinations, for studying abroad. This is more so for students from developing nations. No matter what your ultimate interests are, Europe has a little bit of everything, from art, music, culture, travel, architecture, and more. You can now choose Europe, as a study abroad destination with guidance from the study abroad consultant. 

If you are looking for low costs, then you can look at Madrid and Lisbon. Additionally, if you want a lifestyle that others envy, Paris and Italy are the best. They are also the fashion capitals of the world. Moreover, if you are looking for a laid-back life, then Barcelona and Amsterdam are the best places to be. Florence sports the best architectural grandeur as well. So, according to the study abroad consultants in Delhi, there is something for one and all. 


List of European Cities That Are Student-Friendly 

You can now get in touch with the top and best study abroad consultants in Delhi and find out more reasons before you shortlist a study abroad destination. 


You can head to Portugal as it is one of the places in Europe, which is having a low cost of living. Lisbon is a city located in Portugal, itself. Home to more than a million inhabitants, the city has a lot of character. You can even explore the place on foot. Many international students get attracted to the unique lifestyle of Lisbon, which has pleasant weather throughout the year. You can also meet new friends there. There are nice accommodations and great food in Lisbon too. However, the cost of living is very nominal. You can also find the fees for various courses, to be quite competitive with respect to other European cities. It is a great place for international students who are on a budget. 


You will find Berlin to be quite an attractive proposition for international students. Berlin is also one of the most powerful economies with a historical past. Moreover, you can stroll around the historical places on weekends when studying there. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi will take you through the entire process of zeroing down on a free public university, where you do not have to pay tuition fees. Germany is home to many of the top universities in Europe. So, you will find the transportation in all the places, to be quite well-developed. So, even if you stay some distance away from the main city, you can reach your city campus quite easily. There are various engagements and activities for you there. So, you will always have fun there, amidst your studies. Moreover, street food is cheap, and you can gorge on it. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Germany will say similar things. 


It is yet another part of the European Union, where Galway is the best student attraction. The best Ireland consultants in Delhi will be able to give you the right insights into the courses and fees. Moreover, colleges and universities offer many scholarships and grants for international students. Some are even country-specific, like for India there, are a whole lot of options. The place is extremely scenic and beautiful too. Galway is a place, which both locals and students prefer. So, you can research it thoroughly, with the help of the best UK education consultants in Delhi. It is a place again, where there is no shortfall of entertainment. You can also cover the place on foot. If you love adventure, there are many places, which you can visit on weekends. They include Croagh Patrick, Connemara National Park, and the Aran Islands. You must head to Emerald Island if you want to learn good English. 

These are the top three European cities that most students prefer for education abroad. You can connect with the study abroad consultants Guwahati, and gain more information about the educational programs, their fee structure, and the grants available. Admissify is one of the top consultants who can provide you with the best guidance. Moreover, you can also get the best immigration assistance post-study. Your visa formalities and documentation will also be taken care of. So, you should connect with them at the earliest over the phone, by email, or over a personal visit. 

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