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Which are the best countries for an Indian students in Europe?

September 20, 2022
Which are the best countries for an Indian student in Europe

Indian students are increasingly enrolling at overseas universities as there is a growing interest in obtaining a degree abroad. Moreover, the increasing popularity of study abroad consultants in Delhi are also allowing more students to apply for foreign education. Studying at prestigious universities and institutes overseas is an excellent method to improve one’s skills and add academic worth to one’s résumé. For many years, students have chosen Europe as their preferred travel destination for various reasons. Hence, Europe is always at the top of the list for Indian students pursuing their academic interests overseas.

While all European nations are members of the European Higher Education Area, most have their own higher education policies (EHEA). All courses offered by institutions in Europe are evaluated similarly according to the European Qualifications Framework.

Geographically, 50 countries make up Europe. In addition, 28 nations make up the European Union, also referred to as the EU. Following are the European nations that a study abroad consultant believes Indian students visit the most frequently:



The French university system is often recognized as one of the finest in the world. Studying abroad in France is only affordable for international students due to the cheap tuition costs. French universities are consistently placed first in prestigious university rankings. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi have observed that the education provided by these institutions enables them to compete internationally. There are numerous business schools in the nation, and it serves as a center for global business and management education.

Unlike other study-abroad institutions, IELTS is not necessary to study in France because most universities and business colleges in France have access to MOI’s foundational concepts. Moreover, you are eligible for a two-year study work visa if you have graduated from a recognized business school or university with a graduate degree or higher.


Germany is ranked third in Europe for having the least expensive study tuition. Furthermore, strong potential in your present job ambitions and superior educational quality have positioned Germany as Europe’s top study abroad hub. According to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, the top attribute of Germany as an education location is that it gives students a competitive edge. Germany has some of the top institutions in the world, and international students are not charged any tuition at any of its public universities. Each program blends theory and practice to give you incredible skills and experiences that will help you in your future profession.

Over 400,000 international students are applying, which is gradually rising, according to the most recent official information from study abroad consultants. They believe there should be a huge number of universities in Germany that offer comprehensive degrees that cater to all interests. New fields of study are also fast growing at German universities as a trailblazing scientific advancement; listening over courses is also spreading.


Expectations for a future education are common among international students. According to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, Finland meets these prerequisites. High-quality Finnish education and studies are affordable in Finland. Because many books may now be available online, study materials are frequently free. Tuition is still less expensive than in many other European nations, even if some international students must pay it.

Students from outside the EU highlighted the economic aspect. The chance to receive grants, receive tuition tax exemptions, and obtain employment if your studies are significant. The program’s cost is equally important for all international students who pick Finland. Schools in Finland provide instruction in a variety of fields, including engineering, professions, and medicine. In contrast to other educational systems, some colleges have various admissions requirements. Student GPA and entrance exam results are the only factors considered for admission. After completing their studies, students make choices by applying to graduate programs and Ph.D. programs.


Other Interesting Destinations 

In addition to the places mentioned above, students have chosen the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and several more as top study abroad destinations. The study abroad consultants believe that, apart from tuition costs, most of Europe is the ideal destination for international students to study. Scotland was the birthplace of economics, and the UK was the hub of the first Industrial Revolution. We got Cambridge and Oxford going continuously for centuries. So, where can you see a peek at contemporary finance? The answers are LSE and UCL. So, depending on your needs, you can select your study abroad location.

On the Admissify website, you may compare the numerous European study abroad destinations. We have prepared extensive information and course data to assist you in selecting the best degree and university for you. Contact one of our study abroad advisors directly through Admissify’s Android and iOS apps.

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