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What’s It Like Going To An All-Females University As An Indian Student?

May 31, 2022
Experience of Studying in An All-Women University 

Females are all geared up to study abroad today. At least, that is what the figures released by the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi say. More And more women are pursuing higher education abroad, like never before. Moreover, women can adapt to changes in their surroundings quite easily. So, relocation is not such a huge affair if you keep the safety part as a separate point of discussion. Today, most Indian families have started realizing that education is also the right of a girl-child. So, this shift in mentality means that more parents are willing to send their daughters abroad to study. 

There are co-ed universities and colleges, not only in India but abroad as well. They comprise a huge chunk of educational institutions. However, females who have studied in girls schools all their life in India are more comfortable in women’s colleges. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi for the UK can suggest some of the best names for abroad education for females in the US. The scenario is highly competitive at times when it comes to co-ed colleges. Many girls are deprived of the right to study certain courses, which are considered a man’s domain. Some of the top colleges for women in the US are Smith College, Barnard College, and Wellesley College, to name a few. 


Experience of Studying in An All-Women University 

You can connect with the best UK education consultants in Delhi and find out about such colleges in other countries, like the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These are the top study abroad regions. Although gender-based education is not in lines with the current times, few all-women universities still exist. 

  • Female Bonding: This is something that is largely missing in co-ed colleges. However, in all-women universities females can bond with one another and develop sisterhood. Girls can share their highs and lows and often develop very strong bonds. Moreover, female classmates can understand your point of view better than males. You can be more relaxed in female companionship. You can connect with female alumni by joining the network of the best UK consultants in Delhi. 
  • More Engagement: It has been widely reported that students who attend women’s colleges are more engaged with their institution and its ideals. This seems to be missing from co-ed colleges and universities. You can ask a few of your questions in relation to this aspect from the study abroad consultants in Delhi. You can engage in active and collaborative learning at such universities and colleges. 
  • Women Leaders: This is evidently missing in co-ed colleges. In such colleges, almost 80% of men are leading as student representatives. So, women’s problems are not heard. However, when you attend an all-women university, you can expect more initiatives for women. You can also look up to female leaders on campus and emulate them. A study abroad consultant will be able to highlight more such pros in your favor. 
  • Women Empowerment: If you are looking toward women empowerment, you better attend an all-women university or college. Additionally, you will be heard and taken care of in a different manner. You will not face any gender bias. It is silently still present in Indian society and to a certain percentage abroad as well. So, you are most likely to avoid this. 

So, you are now well aware of the reasons why you must attend an all-female university. However, you still need to consider a few things before you take the plunge. 


Factors to Consider

The study abroad consultants Guwahati can guide you on the parameters that you need to keep in mind while looking for the best one. You need to check the living arrangements near your university. In most scenarios, there are two to three co-ed colleges nearby women’s colleges, and you might end up with a male at your rental accommodation. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi will help you to get the best information regarding such issues. 

You should find out about the abroad study scholarship before you head to any such institution. Today, most renowned colleges and universities have a separate quota for women. You can also avail yourself of scholarships in male-dominated regions, so you should find out about the universities that can help you to get them. 

Most women’s colleges are small, so if you want to study on a large campus. This may not be for you. Some of the co-ed universities and colleges can give you a challenging atmosphere, so if you want that, this is again not for you. So, when you are building your college list, do keep these in mind. Again, you can contact Admissify, to find out more about your options. Email them at info@admissify.com

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