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Want to Study MBA Abroad? Know How to Proceed

January 7, 2023
Want to Study MBA Abroad

An MBA is an abbreviation for a master’s degree in business administration, which provides young dreamers with lucrative career opportunities. If someone has a natural passion for “for-profit” development and an excellent grasp of math, they are born to own a business. They may one day become the CEO of a big corporation or oversee a global 5-star hotel chain. As a result, MBA is an ideal alternative for them after graduation.

According to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, learning MBA in a foreign country is the most desired alternative due to the quality of education and other factors. America and Europe are the most popular destinations among these young people. Many of them, however, cannot pursue their desire to earn an MBA by studying abroad.

They must be made aware of the admissions procedure and standards. Even if they become aware of the process, they frequently need help to secure funding. Unfortunately, they have yet to inform them about study abroad consultants, who may assist students in determining funding options such as scholarship and interest subsidy programs.

If you are one of those students looking for information and help regarding taking an MBA degree abroad, we have assembled all you need to know! You must set aside some time to read through the following items thoroughly.

Are you eligible for the MBA degree?

According to a 2016 survey, 81% of Indian participants choose to study abroad. This figure has increased dramatically from the previous year. Moreover, this survey is also legitimate because it was conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Since MBA has gained such popularity among study abroad hopefuls, students need also be aware of the following course qualifying criteria:

  • Bachelor degree:

The most basic qualification for studying an MBA abroad, as discovered by the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, is a Bachelor’s degree. This degree should ideally be from a reputable university. A full-time degree from a reputed institute is preferred for admission to a premier MBA degree program.

  • Work experience: 

Unlike in India, where students enter the workforce late, foreign universities want MBA degree applicants to have prior experience. As a result, work experience is the second most important requirement for an international MBA. If you choose to pursue an MBA in India, this may not be a requirement.

What about the entrance exams? Are there any?

This is a typical question among students. To be admitted to international colleges, you must first pass entrance tests.

Many students are terrified about taking entrance tests since the competition is fierce. However, several study abroad consultants in Delhi provide sufficient help and practice sessions to ensure that you pass these admission tests with ease. Here are a few of the entrance examinations required for MBA admissions:


The GMAT measures how well you can manage the stress of pursuing an MBA overseas. Most importantly, the score predicts your verbal and quantitative skills. Your GMAT test performance will also indicate your chances of future academic success. However, you are mistaken if you believe that a high GMAT score is sufficient for admission to an MBA program at a study abroad institution. You must also pass IELTS or TOEFL tests if you choose English as a subject. It is also vital to note that many top business schools accept GRE scores.


The majority of study abroad universities offer their courses in English. As a result, you must be fluent in English, which can be determined by taking the TOEFL or IELTS. These tests are used to assess your command of the English language. It is optional to pass both exams because one test is equally valid. These examinations primarily evaluate your speaking, writing, listening, and reading abilities.

MBA Degree Types and Their Comparison

  • MBA Global

They want students with at least five years of job experience. As a result, most graduating college students are ineligible for this program.

  • MIM (Masters in Management) program

This program welcomes students with less than two years of field experience. This program, which European colleges offer, is primarily open to recent graduates.

Now that you’ve decided to pursue an MBA through international study, nothing should stand in your way. And Admissify will be there to help you with the most remarkable advice and study abroad consultants. On our website, admissify.com, you may find a variety of pre-recorded practice sessions for the IELTS/TOEFL and GMAT tests.

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