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Want to study abroad? These platforms are enabling the best scholarships for overseas education

January 20, 2023
Best Scholarship Opportunities For Deserving Students

According to data analysis from several governmental organizations and study abroad consultants in Delhi, more students desire to go overseas and further their education. Moreover, a study abroad consultant in Delhi has the whole list of the students’ top study abroad destinations. This may include Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and Singapore.

There is a need for financial assistance among such study abroad applicants. This can be met by implementing more scholarships and funding schemes. You are eligible for scholarships usually available through study abroad program providers. In addition to the government, numerous study abroad agencies fund numerous programs. University students, educators, and intellectuals can use these scholarship programs to undertake research, work, or study overseas. Let’s look at the scholarship alternatives that are available for studying abroad.

Best Scholarship Opportunities For Deserving Students

  • iSchoolConnect Technologies –

The study abroad consultant iSchoolConnect is the most well-versed in studying abroad. Modern AI technology has enabled it to establish itself as India’s top and most dependable global education consultant. Their scalable engine can provide profile-based suggestions after sorting through 300,000+ programs at 2800+ colleges. It has extensive knowledge of the worldwide higher education industry.

It is also renowned for having a productive working style. iSchoolConnect reduces the processing time to 24 hours rather than the 200+ hours it would usually take for one student to oversee the complete application cycle. The company’s cutting-edge AI engine can sift through many documents, advise courses, and even set up a series of interviews in seconds.

In addition to serving as a study abroad consultant, iSchoolConnect also provides services for scholarships, a writing mentor tool, and video interview analysis. Moreover,  iSchoolConnect is notably popular among students since advisors and professionals help students gain fast feedback on college essays/SOPs.

  • Study Group 

Study Group has made an effort to be the most competitive supplier of knowledge about foreign education. It is a career-high figure assisting students to realize their goals of studying abroad. Study Group is also renowned for offering several academic route programs. These include programs such as Foundation Year, International Year 1/Diploma, and Pre-Masters courses for students who want to pursue higher education overseas. This is thanks to the Study Group’s and the international universities’ reliable cooperation. As a result, pupils have increased access to high-quality resources.

Study Group also frequently highlights the opportunities for international students to pursue higher education across all fields of study overseas. It has done a respectable job over the past 25 years as a study abroad consultant, as is evident from its collaborations with universities’ top study abroad locations. The study group also ensures that students progress as smoothly as possible into further education and employment. They have a partnership with eminent Russell Group universities in the UK and a Group of Eight higher education institutions in Australia that has enabled this.

  • British Council
British Council

The British Council is one of the most well-known organizations that specializes in giving students opportunities to study in the UK. One of its most recent scholarship initiatives has been picking up steam to draw several students looking to study abroad. We’re referring to the organization’s brand-new “Creative Economies Scholarship program,” designed to support postgraduate studies. The Council will award ten scholarships to students and young professionals from India. These scholarshipare designed as such so that they can undertake postgraduate studies at four UK universities. The universities that are taking part are King’s College London, the University of Glasgow, Birmingham City University, and the Goldsmiths University of London. These colleges are praised for being among the top suppliers of programs in cultural policy and arts administration. They are mentioned in the scholarship program. To apply for the scholarship, candidates can speak with the universities directly. They can also seek the guidance of the best study abroad consultants in Delhi before proceeding with their scholarship application.


Role of Admissify

Admissify is one of the names mentioned above that has given many students the direction and confidence to study abroad. It gave dedicated efforts to meet many students’ aspirations of studying abroad come true. Its partnerships with prestigious universities and extensive alum network are to be commended!

Furthermore, Admissify, which operates both online and offline, has been able to advise students in every way feasible. If you want to study abroad but don’t know where to start, go to admissify.com to learn about the procedure and opportunities available!

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