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Universities Waiving Off GRE and GMAT for the 2022 Term

July 29, 2022
Universities Waiving Off GRE and GMAT for the 2022 Term

Universities Waiving Off GRE and GMAT for the 2022 Term

GRE and GMAT examinations are the two main tests that an aspirant needs to give for studying postgraduation programs in a foreign country. These days, students are showing immense interest to study abroad. Such brilliant opportunities will provide momentum to their career. But it may not be possible for everyone to qualify well in the exams like GMAT or GRE. So, does that mean the student cannot fulfil her dreams? You can get easy solutions and suitable suggestions from the study abroad consultants in Delhi.

It can be a moment of tension for hundreds of students when they wait for the results of the GMAT and GRE. But in the 2022 term, there is a piece of fantastic news for them. Note some special names if you are also looking forward to joining your dream institute this year. Several universities are waiving the compulsory criteria of showing the GMAT and GRE scores. It implies that you can now grab the seats and enjoy the master’s course without worries. Please check out the facts from a reputed study abroad consultant.


The Current Scenario Of The Universities

Confusion became a permanent factor in the lives of most students after the pandemic last year. They are still not sure what to do with their future. With so many questions in mind, it becomes difficult to concentrate on any exam when you don’t even know whether it will take place. Furthermore, the sudden declaration of the exam date or the syllabus puts more pressure on young minds. Hence, to curb all these tensions, several universities have decided to waive the requirement of the GMAT or GRE.

Studying abroad is a symbol of educational progress. Moreover, it gives some wonderful experiences and can be responsible for the overall development of the aspirants. Although these tests are not taken online, complete waive came as a boon for millions of students worldwide. The best study-abroad consultants in Delhi can provide an accurate list of all such universities. Therefore, join their sites today and enrol your name for the preferred institute abroad. So, for the Spring and Fall intake of 2022, the students will surely enjoy less burden. Have you decided on your university yet? See below for the universities not requiring the scores of GMAT or GRE for admission in 2022.

List Of Universities Waiving Off GMAT And GRE Requirements

The list of the top universities reducing the burden of appearing for two crucial tests for studying abroad is a big one. Additionally, some universities have opted for this scheme only for some specific departments. Hence, if you are willing to join those particular courses, you will only get the benefit of waiving off.

However, you should first clarify whether your plan to move abroad is for the Spring or Fall intake of 2022. Intimating such information to the best overseas education consultants in Delhi will vanish all your doubts. The names in case of both these cases can be similar or different. So, it depends on your choice whether you need to give GRE or GMAT for the concerned university or not.

For Fall Intake

  • Florida State University
  • Penn State College of Engineering
  • University of Arizona Master of Public Health
  • Stanford University (only for mechanical engineering)
  • The University of Michigan (only for mechanical engineering)
  • University of Huddersfield
  • Northwestern University (Department of Computer Science)
  • Marshall Business School (MS)
  • University of Colorado-Boulder (only the Engineering programs)
  • The University of Virginia (only for Computer Science)
  • California State University Long Beach (depends on the course)
  • University of Massachusetts- Amherst (only for Industrial and Mechanical Engineering)
  • The University of Michigan- Ann Arbor (only for Engineering programs)
  • University of Wisconsin- Madison (only for Data Science)

For Spring Intake

  • New York Institute of Technology (subject to some conditions)
  • University of Arizona Master of Public Health
  • The University of Pacific (only for Computer Science)
  • Florida State University (subject to some conditions)
  • Rice University
  • Northeastern University (only for Management and Engineering)
  • California State University Long Beach (depends on the course)

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