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July 31, 2018

Germany has been known as a haven for mechanical engineers thanks to its strong roots in the field of natural sciences and physics. This is also another reason why students aspiring to be mechanical engineers want to pursue their study in Germany. If you are looking for a scholarship to pursue your interest in mechanical engineering, then this article will help you find the top universities you can apply to.

You would already know that mechanical engineering applies not just engineering principles but also the principles of manufacturing, design, physics, material sciences among others. You therefore need to choose a well known university with abroad study scholarship for your education.

Germany has tuition fee FREE State run Technical Universities, as well as Applied Science Institutions which have high entry requirements, but also has top world ranked Private institutions with affordable fees and achievable visa requirements. Admissify app has most top German institutions and our scholarship experts help you create the best application to achieve your desired admission. With our regional office in Hannover and our connections in German Industry we can help with achieving reputed internships and post study jobs. Discover some of the top universities below and download the app free to discover many more Top German universities and apply directly and easily from the app or at one of our Pan India offices.


Top universities for mechanical engineering study in Germany


Clausthal University of Technology has been the member of the esteemed NTH from the time of its inception, in the year 2009. The university is well known for its perfect blend of scientific and engineering expertise and is considered to be among the best universities in Germany. Apart from mechanical engineering, the University also offers Process Engineering, Economics, Computer science, Mathematics, Energy and Raw materials, Natural and materials science also as part of its curriculum.


An university which lives by the motto, We live Science, the BTU focuses on multiple fields in the likes of environment, energy, construction, information, communication and material sciences and technology. They strongly believe in creating knowledge through education as well as research which is quite evident in their curriculum. Ranking among the top universities to study in Germany, BTU offers courses as part of the DAAD study abroad scholarship for foreign students.

RWTH Aachen

Among the oldest educational institutions in Germany, this University was founded in the year 1880. They offer nine different disciplines, the most sought out among them being the engineering department. The university has a special focus on studying of electrical engineering and they provide a very strong foundation in computer science and mathematics for those who aspire to be engineers.  If you want to study in Germany among the most prestigious institutions, covering the basics in detail, then your best choice is RWTH Aachen. The curriculum while starting with basics is made quite challenging for the engineering aspirants.

Tu Brauenschweig

The university which was founded in the year 1745 is the oldest institution of its kind in the country. However the course for bachelors degree in mechanical engineering was laid out quite recently in the year 2008/09. When you study in Germany at Tu Brauenscheweig, you are bound to develop your skills  in multiple disciplines thanks to their interdisciplinary projects. There are professionalization modules covering projects and non-technical options as well.


Magderburg University

You can say that this is the youngest university in the country, founded recently with the merger of technical University, teacher training college and the medical school in the year 1993. In keeping with the evolving world of technology, they offer interdisciplinary programs and a wide spectrum of options to choose to Germany for study. Their strengths lie in the innovative projects and research, which makes them among the top universities to study in Germany for mechanical engineering aspirants.

While choosing the field of mechanical engineering one needs to look at not just the curriculum but also the career prospects and the study abroad scholarships that you can avail. We hope that the information shared here will help you realize your dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer from the home of mechanical engineers, Germany.

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