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Top Universities for International students in Argentina

October 22, 2022
Top Universities for International students in Argentina

It shouldn’t be surprising that Argentina boasts some excellent institutions and schools for international students. The country has produced many scholars, artists, and revolutionaries like Jorge Luis Borges, Che Guevara, the renowned Evita, and even the Pope. One of the most extensive choices you will ever make is starting your career at one of Argentina’s top institutions to pursue your preferred field of study. As a result, your worth will increase, ultimately increasing your value in the employment market. According to the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, Argentina’s universities and colleges are renowned for their high caliber of education. For intelligent, ambitious explorers like you, Argentina’s universities continue to provide outstanding Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

You may experience confusion regarding the continent you are in when studying abroad in Argentina. Europe-like in terms of people, cuisine, and cities. Argentina’s unique blend of South American and European influences is one of the many reasons why so many students adore their study abroad experience here. The Master’s program in Argentina genuinely requires a bachelor’s degree for applicants. Most Master’s programs demand that students finish a master’s thesis or research paper. It’s time to choose an Argentine university and get to the nitty-gritty! To get started, check out the top universities in Argentina listed below:

Córdoba National University

Córdoba National University

Why would you go elsewhere in Argentina to study abroad but in the center of learning? According to study abroad consultants, Cordoba, the second-largest city in the nation, is home to six different institutions and several postsecondary colleges. As a result, it has been aptly dubbed La Docta, or “The Wise,” and it is also known as “The Wise.”

Advantages: Universidad Nacional de Córdoba is Argentina’s second-largest institution and the country’s oldest, founded in 1613. Why go anyplace else to study when you can do it in Argentina at a university that is both storied and successful? The size of this institution is quite staggering. The institution and campus are bustling, with about 105,000 undergraduate students alone. If you’re searching for a more intimate learning environment, being surrounded by this many people could be intimidating. However, this is perfect for a student who wants to have their hands on a little bit of everything.

Belgrano University

Belgrano University

One of the most acceptable options for overseas students to study in Argentina is to enroll at the Universidad de Belgrano, which is well known for its connections with virtually all program providers in the country. This college, located in the center of Buenos Aires, is significant but a close-knit community.

Advantages: Since so many organizations send international students to this location, you will likely make friends with other students from around the globe. You might teach a grammar class to exclusively Italian pupils, followed an hour later by a tango lesson to students from China and Costa Rica. There are so many fresh people to meet!

Congreso University

Anyone who visits this area is sure to fall in love. Mendoza, a city, encircled by the Andes, is home to one of the best colleges. With world-class wineries and enormous mountains, how can you compare studying Spanish to anything else?

Congreso University

Advantages: It isn’t easy to top its location right in the middle of Mendoza’s downtown. Nearly everything, including charming bookshops, expansive parks, and bustling restaurants, will be accessible to students. If you’re interested in a relevant topic, Universidad de Congreso’s stellar reputation in the social sciences is a huge asset. On the other hand, a more prominent university may be a better option for those pursuing more specialized disciplines, so decide carefully, depending on your academic requirements!

Argentina’s Pontificia Universidad Católica

This university, more often known as the Universidad Católica Argentina, is regarded as one of the top private universities in the entire region. This Catholic school has a lot going on, with campuses in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Rosario, Parana, and Pergamino housing 15 distinct colleges and institutes.

Advantages: The main campus is in Buenos Aires’s hippest area, Puerto Madero, which also happens to be the city’s financial district. Any young individual will undoubtedly like studying in this area because everything in it exudes trendiness. Don’t be put off by the name; everyone can study here, regardless of religion! The fact that you will be attending a private school with religious affiliation should be understood before enrolling, though.

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