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Top Study Abroad Intakes: Types, Comparison, Countries

December 22, 2022
Top Study Abroad Intakes Types Comparison Countries

Every year most students try their luck to study abroad. However, a great deal of planning includes researching preferred universities. You also need o enhance your application. Consult with study abroad consultants in Delhi. They will guide you through several more steps. A large number of students are applying every year to abroad universities. Hence, there are more than one intake is offered by the institutions. In the article, we will discuss necessary information about the parameters students can consider selecting their favourite study abroad intakes.

Famous Study Abroad Intakes

Most of the famous universities offer two intakes spring and fall intake. Very few universities also offer negligible summer intake. However, spring intakes start in January and end in early May. Simultaneously, fall intakes start in late August and end in late December. For summer intake, the time starts in May itself. 

Here we are discussing the types of study abroad intakes in brief:

  • Fall intake- All universities offer fall intake, including the top, like Harvard, MIT, Stanford and many more. It is the most popular and receives the highest number of applications. The academic year of most high schools and undergraduates is finished in April. Hence, this makes the fall intake preferable to many students. However, it would be best to remember that the fall intake’s acceptance rate is lesser. There is a higher competition as more students apply for this. 
  • Spring intake- The spring intake starts in January and ends at the beginning of May. However, it would be best if you search before applying for spring intake, as few universities are not offering it. Students will get little competition here as most are not interested in applying here. As a result, the acceptance rate is higher than the fall intake. 
  • Summer intake- It is a particular case. Thus, only a few universities are offering the intake. A limited student is applying here for selected summer courses or diplomas. However, students can get an offer if they apply for summer intake. After COVID-19, most students are afraid of getting admission in fall intake due to the high range of students’ admission. It has increased application in summer intake, which is beneficial.

Comparison Between Fall And Spring Intake

We find little difference between fall and spring intake. However, universities offer different intakes to suit the requirements of the students. We can look at a glance to the differences here.

  • Every university offers fall intake, but only some universities may offer spring intake.
  • There is a high range of students applying in the fall intake. Hence, the acceptance rate is lower. However, you can find a higher acceptance rate in spring intake.
  • In the fall intake, students will get more summer internship opportunities. But, in spring intake, you will find fewer on-campus job openings.
  • Students will get more scholarship funds in the fall intake, but there are fewer funds to administer the scholarship in the spring intake.
  • Indian students will have less time to prepare for universities if they apply for fall intake. But they will get more time for preparation if applying for spring intake.

Popular Countries And Their Study Abroad Intakes

Now, you have an accurate idea about different intakes of universities throughout the academic year. Concentrate on the popular countries and universities offering study abroad intakes. You may consult any best overseas education consultants in Delhi who can better guide you.

  • USA– The most popular intake in USA universities are fall or spring. However, the United States is the biggest site for international students seeking higher education.
  • UK– The central intake of UK universities is fall intake. It offers the highest degree of competition with a wide range of internship opportunities.
  • Canada– We can find fall intake and summer intake in Canadian universities. Students will get the opportunity to gain world-class education here.

However, we should also consider Germany and New Zealand for higher studies. The winter intake is the primary intake in Germany, whereas we find the January and July intake in New Zealand.

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