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Top masters courses to study in Canada

September 7, 2022
Top masters courses to study in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular choices for graduate and undergraduate study abroad destinations. Canada draws numerous international students from all over the world due to its permissive post-study work (PGWPP) and immigration policies. Furthermore, programs like Express Entry contribute to Canada’s appeal as a travel destination. The number of international students attending Canadian universities increased by 15% in 2021, claiming the best Canadian education consultants in Delhi. Canada provides high-quality education and degrees that are internationally recognized. In addition, it’s a wonderful place to live. The nation offers a multicultural society that is safe and economically secure.

Excellent employment opportunities are available after studying in Canada. Canadian universities claim more than 5000 international partnerships. In addition, Canada’s educational system places a strong emphasis on industry. As a result, more than 90% of graduates who complete their education in Canada find employment within six months of graduation. We will examine the best post-graduate subjects to study in Canada for future employment and immigration.


Economics and Business

In addition to being among the top 100 business administration schools, Canadian business education institutions are renowned for their unwaveringly high standards of instruction. Diverse teaching methodologies and smart lesson plans relevant to current business trends contribute to the Canadian school system’s high regard.

Jobs in banking, investment finance, and management consulting are now included on Canada’s list of occupations with a skill shortage. According to Australia’s list of talents in short supply, management consulting jobs are also present. Due to the massive growth in big data, automation, and digitalization, MBA graduates with specializations in big data or analytics are in high demand.The Canadian government offers post-study work permits and other specific incentives to international students to encourage them to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. For example, international students who study in Canada for longer than two to four years are granted a work permit valid for up to three years, allowing them to stay and work full-time in approved Canadian businesses.

Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer science and engineering graduates and software and information technology experts are always in great demand worldwide, including in Canada. According to the study abroad consultants in Delhi, IT project managers and software developers will be among Canada’s top ten most in-demand careers in 2021. Canada’s tech industry employs 500,000 IT professionals in various fields, including project management, software development, data analysis, and information security. One of the fastest-growing industries in Canada, the tech sector had a 12,000 increase in employment over the past year.

Medical Sciences and Pediatrics

When it comes to its care system, the Canadian government is placing more emphasis on them. Because of its highly regarded medical education program, international students favour Canada as one of their study destinations. If you’re considering becoming a doctor, the average annual salary in Canada is CAD360.000, which can be a significant advantage.

Some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as McGill, Queen’s, Dalhousie, San Juan Bautista, and others, openly welcome international students and offer the required scholarships to overseas students. However, not all Canadian institutions admit international medical students. The completion time for healthcare fields such as preventive medicine, health promotion, human psychology, and managing sickness and disability is two to three years. These fields are in increased demand because they protect the public from pandemics and disasters, allow their practitioners the chance to pioneer new fields of study and provide essential services to communities, non-profits, higher education institutions, the public sector, and the commercial sector.


Core engineering & technology

For overseas engineering seekers, Canadian universities offer a variety of courses in a variety of engineering areas. Engineering is taught with practical learning approaches by the greatest faculty in the world, which provide students with a high coaching quality. The Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology has granted accreditation to Canadian universities, which are among the best in the world.

According to the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, engineers with expertise in AutoCAD, CATIA, or other industry-standard CAD software are in high demand in Canada. The median annual pay for engineering graduates in Canada is $81,700, a considerable rise from the previous year’s median of $72,000. The lowest-paid 10% of engineers earn around $51,100 per year. The top 10% of earners earn $112,300 each year.

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