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Top 10 Tips For Writing A Great SOP

September 28, 2022
Top 10 Tips For Writing A Great SOP

Writing a proper SOP is the biggest hurdle that students who want to study abroad have to cross. Many times, you will see meritorious students suffering a setback. And, the average students fly past them. If you are one of those students, who think that you can make a mark on the admission counsellor by simply copying content from one site to another, you are wrong. If you are looking to create a good impression on the decision-makers, then you have got to be very vigilant while writing the SOP. Your dreams of studying abroad can be crushed if you are not careful. 

Here are ten tips that the study abroad consultant has compiled for you. 


How To Write A Great SOP? 

Before venturing forward, it makes sense to read what the SOP is all about. In fact, it is one of the most important tools or weapons, for an international student. An outstanding SOP can help you to get admission to that much-coveted college. But, if you are not careful, you can lose that opportunity to study at a prestigious college, and settle for something less. You will definitely get the necessary assistance today from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. 

You have to write an SOP or statement of purpose within set guidelines. So, your options get narrower here. You cannot be at your creative best to project that image you always wanted. Most students write the same statements again and again. The examiners and counsellors feel tired, while looking at such applications. The counsellors and decision-makers are way too smart, and will find out, if you have used an AI tool to get that SOP. Many students also lose opportunities to be selected for scholarships, for the very same reason. 

So, you have to read this to excel over the others today. 

  • Use Stories to write the Statement of Purpose. Technical language is for your theory classes. So, when you have to be at your best, you have to tell a story about yourself to the admission counsellor. And, that too, an interesting one. You should highlight your creative skills more than anything else. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi also feel the same way. 
  • Use Numbers, as they can quantify your story. It is just like the ROI for your business. Make sure that you enlist all the important details of your life in the statement of purpose. When the counsellors find facts and figures, they are somewhat overwhelmed. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for UK also feels the same. 
  • You have to be specific as well when you write the statement of purpose. Just beating around the bush will not get you anywhere. No one has so much time to read long essays. The best UK consultants in Delhi can help you to craft to-the-point SOPs. Do not forget to mention important points pertaining to your career, previous academic records and your personality there. 
  • You also need to remember to keep the tone formal, yet in the form of a conversation. If you are too casual, in your writing, the counsellors may not take you seriously. So, you have to be careful. You can ask for guidance from the best UK education consultants in Delhi
  • Remember one thing, and that is, the counselor has never seen you, or they never will. So, you have to draw your imagery in front of them, through your words. You have to do it in such a manner so that they start imagining you. The study abroad consultants Guwahati will help you to draw a portrait, in the form of words. 
  • Moreover, you should not weave false stories around you. Use stories, which are a reality. Otherwise, you may be doomed further when you cannot produce substantial evidence for the same. 
  • You should talk about reality as well. Everybody knows that you are not flawless. So, if you are not flawless, you cannot expect the world to be. The same goes for counselors. They also expect to read about failures and how you got back. 
  • You also need to chalk out your journey in front of the decision-makers at the university. Talk about how you envision the future. It will really impress them. 
  • You also need to proofread the document, before you submit it. If you have made mistakes, do correct them before submission. There shouldn’t be grammatical mistakes, or else, your application will be rejected outright. 
  • Always be your true self. The world will always understand pretentiousness. So, there is simply no point, in making them. 

You can also connect with Admissify, to find out further details about the colleges and universities. They do have complete information about their guidelines. 

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