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Tips For Crafting The Perfect Application To Your Dream College

August 22, 2022
Tips For Crafting The Perfect Application To Your Dream College

Applying to your favorite university is a beautiful dream. When people talk about leading universities like Harvard or Oxford, getting perfect scores in your high school is just not enough. The leading universities want to understand who you are, as an individual, and the easiest way to do this is by sharing your story. Crafting the perfect application is not hard, but it surely isn’t a walk in the park. The study abroad consultant will share with you a viable approach for the same:

  1. Starting the Process

Ask yourself this question, over and over again. Why do you want to study at a particular university or college abroad?  Is study abroad important? Why just a specific major course? These are questions simply that you have to answer before applying to a university abroad. The intent needs to be right before you even start the application journey to enter your dream university or college. Get assistance from the study abroad consultants in Delhi if required.

2. Do not delay the process
The way to get ahead of the competition of so many aspiring college applicants is to apply as early as possible. This is to ensure that you get a decision before the spots start filling up.  Please remember that this is only possible with colleges and schools that you feel very strongly about.  An early decision may require you to commit before you hear back from some of them, according to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. This shouldn’t be an issue, as you are applying to one of your dream colleges.

3. Know the university requirements

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is, to be unaware of certain admission requirements to their dream university. Every country or university has a different application process. If you are applying to any of the universities in the USA, it is essential for you to have a well-crafted list to make your case strong. However, this may not be the case when it comes to universities in the UK or other places like Australia. Remember all standardized testing or entrance requirements for particular countries, universities, and courses. The SAT or ACT scores are prerequisites for a number of colleges in the USA, but there are several schools that do not require them today. If you are applying to universities in more than one country, then do your homework separately for each. Better still, ask the best overseas education consultants in Delhi.

4. Building your unique profile

Profile building is often misunderstood by applicants. Universities do not want the students to use any template or checklist with boxes to fulfil their wishes to enter their dream university for overseas education. A student should focus on building an all-around successful profile which covers aspects of their personality and also aptitude. Include curricular activities, online courses, volunteering, projects, researches to internships. There is a plethora of activities students can indulge in, but the goal should be to pick the ones that are useful for you and also for the courses and universities you are applying to. There is no set rule for profiling except being genuine about it.

5. Letters of recommendation

For all those of you who thought this is a cakewalk, it is not. This is one of the most crucial elements that can mar your chances of studying abroad. You need to be careful who you send a request for a recommendation. The letters of recommendation should give a sense of who you are, and not just the academic side, in order to show the university admissions officer that you are a well-rounded individual. The best UK education consultants in Delhi can assist you in this. 


6. Writing a perfect personal statement

According to the study abroad consultants Guwahati, your personal statement of purpose is your opportunity to share your unique story. A winning one showcases your personal statement and breaks it down into-Why, What and How? Through your personal statement you can justify why it is that you want to study your chosen course for scholarships application, and what you’ve done so far in life and school, to show your interest in the subject.

Admissify being the best study abroad consultants in Delhi helps a student build their personal profile for getting admission to their dream college. Do mail your queries on the registered email id. 

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