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The Power Of An Internship Journal

May 16, 2022

The process of journaling your thoughts is itself very nurturing. It helps you to keep your limbs moving whilst penning down everything in hard copy. In the digital age, more and more people forget how to write on paper. It is a practice that also helps you to re-think your actions and analyze them when you go back to your journal in some instances. According to the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi, you should keep this practice intact for betterment. It is not just limited to your personal life but your academic and professional life as well. 

When you get an internship opportunity, through the intervention of your study abroad university or the Best overseas education consultants in Delhi for uk, you can start this age-old practice once again. 

Why Should You Keep An Internship Journal?

You need to maintain an internship journal to record your experience, reflect upon it later, and analyze the happenings. You can record the observations about your experience while working in a foreign land. You can also write about your interactions with your supervisor. It helps you critically analyze your work later on when you are calm and relaxed. Journals are an excellent way to improve your internship experience. That is what the best UK education consultants in Delhi will advise you. Internship journaling can help you to provide insights that will help you to prepare evaluative reports at the end of the term. 


Your writing skills can also come in handy when you apply for an abroad study scholarship. It is an essential prerequisite to write a personal essay when you apply for a scholarship for your abroad education. So, no matter if you are keen on pursuing a higher degree or certificate course, this will help you. 

How and What Topics To Write On?

You should read some of the pointers before you embark upon the internship journaling journey. That is what the best UK education consultants in Delhi believe. 

  • When you start writing, keep a few things in mind. And the first one amongst them is that your thoughts are never wrong. Journaling is all about penning down your original thoughts, and there is nothing wrong with it. If the information you pen down, benefits you in the long run, it is a good idea to write it. The best UK consultants in Delhi will echo the same thoughts. 
  • How much you should write depends on how much you have in your mind. You can write it down in small portions if you do not find the time to write it all in one go. You should also ensure to pick the right time each day so that you can maintain consistency. Moreover, try to maintain time and also do not delay the process. It can translate into missed information. The study abroad consultants in Delhi will be able to give you some time management training as well so that you are well-prepared for your study abroad and internship journey. 
  • The various topics that you should write on can be questionnaire-based. These will help you find out what topics are most important. 
  • What was the most important occurrence of the day?
  • What challenges did you face today?
  • How does the company philosophy affect the way people work?
  • What did you do, to help your teammates?
  • What learning did you accomplish today?
  • How did today’s tasks connect with your prior learning, and how can shape your future?
  • What moral or ethical issues did you face today?
  • What human resource issues occurred today?
  • Were there any critics, who criticized the way you do your work?
  • What goals have you set for tomorrow or next week?

These are a few queries, that you need to ask yourself. And the matter will flow easily. Your Study Abroad Consultant will also be able to throw some light on this process. You can also chalk out your personal goals through this internship journal. Get in touch with the study abroad consultants Guwahati to gain insight into the aspects of writing an internship journal. Write down your smart goals alongside, and see what it can do to change the results. 

The best study abroad consultants in delhi, Admissify, will help you in the journey. Get in touch with them at info@admissify.com or call them up. You can also visit them personally. 

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