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The Kashmir Crisis Article 370 of the Constitution of India, the UN Security Council and what career opportunities to be aware of to make a different

September 27, 2019
The Kashmir Crisis – Article 370 of the Constitution of India, the UN Security Council and what career opportunities to be aware of to make a different

On 5th August 2019, the BJP led government of PM Narendra Modi reversed the special status of Jammu & Kashmir, the infamous & disputed state on the northern Indian border with Pakistan.

Kashmir has been the main subject of conflict between India and Pakistan since 1947 with Pakistani terrorist groups committing and often claiming responsibility for cross border terrorist attacks in India such as the Uri attack and Pulwama attack of February 2019 which killed over 40 Indian Military personnel. Amit Shah recently issued the order revoking Article 370 of the Indian Constitution with Presidential accent, thereby ending Kashmir’s considerable autonomy from the Laws of the Union of India, which are otherwise applicable to every other Indian State since independence in 1947.

There are many subjects to be familiar with in this significant step taken by the Indian Government including International Affairs, Foreign Relations and Diplomacy, International Law & Policy and more. In an ever changing world with evolving Geopolitical dynamics and emerging World Powers, this area of expertise is in increasing demand with many career options available in areas like the External Affairs Departments, Department of Defense, Intelligence Services, Strategic Think Tanks, United Nations, Diplomatic Corps and more. Below is a brief about the various courses and careers which may interest you if you want to learn more and make a difference in this field of geopolitics and diplomatic affairs.


International Relations

An academic course that teaches and enables a student to study and focus on international affairs, this course is beneficial for those who wish to deal with a wide range of issues such as human rights, terrorism, globalization, ecological sustainability, nuclear proliferation, international finance, and international interventionism. There are number of universities which provide an academic program to students who wish to study abroad in this subject. They are as follows-


  • IES Abroad Berlin Metropolitan Studies Security Studies and International Affairs

United Kingdom

  • European School of Economics Diplomatic Method and External PolicyInternational AffairsEconomics of Work, Leisure and Consumption
  • Oxford Royale Academy Politics and International Relations 

United States

  • Manhattan College International Relation and Law 

International Policy and Diplomacy

International policy and diplomatic studies teaches a student an art of Negotiations between countries. This program educates students to develop partnership throughout the world and discover alternatives to promote the value and reserve the conflicts of the Nation. Students studying this course must be well aware about UNSC. United Nation Security Council is one of the important groups of United Nation which is responsible for maintaining peace and security worldwide. Following are the list of universities which provide an academic program for students who wish to study abroad under this subject-

United Kingdom

  • Durham University MSc in Defense, Development and Diplomacy
  • University of Canterbury Masters of International Relation and Diplomacy
  • Coventry University M.A in Diplomacy, Law and Global Change
  • University of Kent M.A in International Relation and Diplomacy 


  • The Australian National University PhD in Diplomacy, Masters in Diplomacy
  • Macquarie University Masters of International Public Diplomacy

International LAW

Studying law in foreign countries can be wonderful for an international student’s career as it can offer new perspectives for law students. It even adds to the understanding of other laws and helps them to establish a career in a multitude of forms of law requiring international knowledge. Numbers of overseas universities are providing courses related to Law which every student should consider who are planning to study abroad. They are as follows-

United Kingdom

  • Durham University Law LLB, Masters of Law, International Trade and Commercial Law, European Trade and Commercial Law, MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • The University of Brighton Law LLB (Hons), Law with Criminology LLB, Law with Business LLB

New Zealand

  • Auckland University of Technology Bachelors in Law, Masters in Law, Master of Human Rights
  • University of Sydney Bachelors of Law, Masters of Law, Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law and 19 others


  • Contennial College Diploma in Community and Justice Service, Certificate in Court Support Service, Diploma in Law Clerk, Graduate Certificate in Paralegal

Think Tanks

These are Political institutes which perform their research in the field of social and political policy, military technology and culture. Think tanks are different from government, and many are non-profit organizations, but their work can be done both for the governmental and business customers. They are essentially subject specialist consultants at the pioneering ends of Geopolitics, Defense and more. Projects of Government Clients often involve social and national defense policy planning. Funding sources include endowments, contracts, private donations, and sales of reports.


Defense and Intelligence

Defense and intelligence agency (DIA) offers a variety of training centers and training partnerships with other government agencies to support our ultimate goal of deploying trusted intelligence partnerships alongside combat missions.

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