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October 30, 2018

Immigration from Trinidad or Tobago to Canada requires some serious levels of clearance and associated details in terms of the provisioning system. The chief aspect related to these are:

  • Express Entry system
  • Language tests
  • Police clearance
  • Bio-metrics

The Express Entry System

The Express Entry System is one of the most important aspects when it comes to Canada immigration. The current processing time is somewhere around four months and is chiefly done via three procedures:

  • The Skilled Trade Worker Stream
  • The Skilled Federal Worker Stream
  • The Canadian Experience Class

The Express Entry System for Canada immigration can be summed up via couple of dedicated tasks to accomplish:

  • One needs to check with possibility of application via Online based Evaluation
  • Needs to cross the line in terms of language examinations like IELTS and TEF for English and French respectively.
  • An Educational Credential Assessment has to be acquired via WES
  • Biometrics need to be completed
  • One needs to find the NOC in terms of job code and level
  • The EE profile needs to be completed on the CIC site
  • Based directly on the CRS score, the EE pool requires to be entered upon
  • An ITA from a province needs to be acquired
  • Within 2 months of the ITA, one needs to apply for permanent residency
  • Complete payment needs to be made in terms of the application fee and the permanent residency fee
  • A dedicated clearance form from the police, a certificate in terms of health and complete fund proof needs to be provided
  • The current employer needs to be approached to furnish a proper work experience

Most visa program will require you to have the following: The general parameters which guide most of the programs related to Visa are as follows:

  • All medical assessments;
  • Police Clearances;
  • ECA;
  • All Bio-metrics;
  • Language based Test
  • ID, the birth certificate and the passport

Medical assessments in Trinidad and Tobago

In a majority of occasions, one needs to get a dedicated medical assessment from Trinidad and Tobago via physicians from Canada. However, on the event of a visit for less than six months, one generally do not require a medical exam, the exceptions being the professions like nursing, care giving, and teaching.

Police Clearance

This is an absolute mandate when it comes to any profession in Canada, be it a student, a tourist, a caregiver or a worker. Herein, for getting hold of police clearance, one needs to furnish a valid form of id too.

Educational Assessment

Most of the visa programs for canada immigration require a mandatory assessment in terms of educational qualifications to match it against the Canadian Standards. An Educational Credential Assessment is used for obtaining this.

ECA Application

The ECA application can be done via the WES site, where one needs to select the ECA for General purposes for immigration to Canada. The Academic ECA needs to be selected for the candidates opting for an International Student visa. The general time frame is around seven to twenty business days for completion.


This is an integral part and parcel of the safety measures the Canadian government takes for immigration purposes via fingerprint recognition and facial recognition techs. This is a mandate for people of the age range of seventeen and seventy-nine. Once completed the test results are valid for a range of ten years.

Language Tests to complete

The language tests are mandatory for immigration to Canada and are as follows

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for English ;
  • TEF (Test evaluation) for French

The language assessment results are valid for a period of only two years at maximum and on a couple of occasions are only valid for the visa procedure to get cleared.


Job NOC Code

Only a certain range of jobs are open and applicable for the immigration programs on Canadian soil. These levels are 0, A, B, C, and D. These divisions are created to accommodate the industries which are completely essential to uplift the Canadian revenue system.


Quebec is one of the most sought after regions in Canada to get settled in. Under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian government aims at the elevation of the revenue and increase the general standards of living for all who pass the immigration tests for Canada immigration.

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