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The Best Provisions of UK Scholarships For Indian Students

January 9, 2019

United Kingdom has always been the dream destination for all aspiring Indian students, who dream of making it big in the international stage. It is however, quite difficult to take care of the high expenditure which is associated with the studies at UK. Therefore the best practice in this respect is to take care of the expenses via obtaining a dedicated UK scholarships for Indian students for this purpose and making sure that it takes care of all expenses while being at UK.

The best scholarships which are conferred to the international students are being enlisted below:

The GREAT Scholarship

This particular one is aimed at the international, especially students of Indian origin, to portray the best educational infrastructure of UK institutions. The Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in UK and Northern Ireland is being supported by this one and provide assistance to numerous students every annum.

The Commonwealth Scholarships


These are directed towards the students with exceptional potential to take their respective domains with a storm. A range of over 800 related scholarships are aimed at professional and postgraduate courses to enhance professional careers.

The Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

This particular one is aimed towards professionals who are situated at middle stages of their professional careers. These directly enhance their academic, artistic as well as professional goals and increment their international presence, making for a great scope in future days.

The Hornby Scholarships

This scholarship, disbursed every annum is meant for international English language teachers who wish to pursue Master’s in ELT held at the University of Warwick.

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship

This famous scholarship is disbursement of partially devoted scholarship directed towards the undergraduate, the second undergraduate and associated researches in any subsequent subject which is taught at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, UK.

The Inlaks Scholarships

Inlaks provides young dynamic students with the chance to enhance their sphere of knowledge and increment their inherent skills to move forward with their professional careers. These have two distinct modes: the courses related to University and the one directed at programs which are specific in nature.

The Felix Scholarships

This particular one is being directed towards the students who hail from underprivileged realms of Indian origin and other subsequent developing nations to enhance their postgraduate learning at a renowned university in UK.

The Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships

This famous one is aimed at Indian students to pursue studying at the St. John’s College at Cambridge. These students, who are conferred with this prestigious scholarship, are viewed as future leaders in terms of their own inherent domains in the international society.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships

The students of outstanding academic prowess and notable subsequent contributions are the ones who are being vested with this particular scholarship for Postgraduate degree in a subject conferred on the part of the University of Cambridge.

The Rhodes Scholarships India

This is the oldest one and one of the most famous ones being conferred to the international students in the global origin. This one offers complete funded scholarships to international students in the fields of postgraduate study at University of Oxford at UK.


The Chevening UK Government Scholarships

This one is directly aimed at creation of future individual leaders at universities of UK. These are conferred to the individuals who desire to pursue one year based Master’s degree in an UK university. The students who undertake this scholarship are trained and honed to turn up as great change makers with their inherent contributions to the international society as a whole.

The host of UK scholarships for international students which are at demand at the international arena and especially for the Indian students are being mentioned herein. These are the most sought out scholarships which enables the Indian students realize their dreams of making it big at the international arena. Thus the huge expenditure part, which is a part and parcel of the education at UK, can be tackled with utmost plan with the aid from the scholarships conferred by the UK government. Therefore, the provision of studying at UK, is no more a difficult task for the Indian students, all courtesy to the UK scholarships for Indian students.

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