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Studying Medicine In Eastern Europe Vs Western Europe

October 6, 2022
Studying Medicine In Eastern Europe Vs Western Europe

Medicine is one of the top choices for study abroad students. The reason is that there are fewer seats back home for most international students. So, such students who want to study the coveted subject have to look for greener pastures across the globe. In all certainty, Europe seems to be the top choice for most students, who want to study medicine. The study abroad consultant will also guide you towards Europe when asked about the best place for studying abroad. 

After you have made up your mind to study medicine in Europe, another question will strike you. Firstly, you need to devote at least six years to studying medicine in Europe, and after completion, you can work in the Europe and the US as well. However, there are a few differences between pursuing medicine in Eastern Europe and in Western Europe. The study abroad consultants in Delhi will be able to give you a broad overview of the same. The main differences that you will come across, are in the cost of studies, cost of living, the subjects on offer, and the language of study. Get to know all the details right here. You can also ask about it, from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. 

Differences In Medicine Courses – Eastern Europe Vs Western Europe

  • Language of Instruction – This is one of the first points of difference between studying in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The eastern ones, like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Latvia, offer courses in English. The universities and colleges attract students from places such as Japan and Israel as well. However, when you look at the colleges and universities in Western Europe, you will find the courses being offered in the local language. The countries that offer medicine courses in their local language are Italy, Spain, and France. However, there are a few which also offer courses simultaneously in English, like Cyprus and England. 
  • Entry Requirements – That is another arena that you have to check with the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. The requirements differ from one country to another and from one university to another. So, you need to check before applying. The basic requirement is that you need to be a matric pass and also have to sit for an entrance examination to determine your knowledge and prowess in biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. You also need to sit for an English language proficiency test and also attend a personal interview, to confirm your selection. So, this requirement, seems to be the same in both the places. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Europe will also have similar thoughts. 
  • Cost of Education – This is another deciding factor, when it comes to tuition fees and living costs. It is seen that the western countries have a far more subsidized rate as compared to the Eastern part. However, accommodation costs are high. However, you can do more than make up for that, as you can get a good variety of scholarships and can also work part-time. On the other hand, the tuition expenses are quite high in Eastern Europe, but the accommodation cost is low. The chance of winning funding is also quite low. Sometimes, you will see that the cost differs according to the university or college or the course you have chosen. 

According to the best Europe consultants in Delhi, there are a few countries, which have some added features. Take the example of Hungary, where you can access medical education in four places. The admission requirements are tough and apart from English, you also need to learn Hungarian. The Czech Republic is quite welcoming in nature and Romania also has great education levels. The colleges in Italy are highly structured, and many of them offer courses in English. England is one of the places, where admission is tough, but education is good. The study abroad consultants Guwahati can give you details on various courses. 

You can connect with the best UK education consultants in Delhi, who can give you complete information on the pros and cons of both places. So, after that, you can decide on the route. 

Connect with Admissify, who have been in this field for a long time, and can guide you. They can also connect you with their students who are already studying medicine abroad. So, you will get to know the real scenario.

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