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Studying in the Scandinavian countries as an international student

September 17, 2022
Scandinavian countries

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland make up Scandinavia, the northernmost part of Europe. You can select from over 2,000 Bachelor’s and Master’s courses throughout those four nations, home to some of the greatest colleges in Europe and the entire globe. You may earn a bachelor’s degree at a public institution for free in Norway and Finland, regardless of your place of origin, did you know?

According to study abroad consultants in Delhi, international students are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees in these Scandinavian nations at an increasing rate. Who is to blame them? Since the Scandinavian countries have such a great academic reputation and a very high standard of living, they have become the favourite of international students! So let’s explore more about studying abroad as a study abroad aspirant in Scandinavia.


Fantastic study abroad experiences in Scandinavia.

It’s probably only to make up for the chilly weather, but studying abroad in the Scandinavian latitudes is incredibly enjoyable. Although these nations will experience freezing weather for half or more of each year, there are so many other benefits to studying here that adding a few more sets of clothes for the winter sounds like a sweet deal. In addition, you may check out their magnificent Viking culture in the local taverns and bars. We’re not lying when we say that northerners are great party animals. 

Due to the popularity of Northern Europe among English-speaking international students, you’ll also get to go out with other international students.

Be prepared to make friends in the sauna if you decide on Finland. These people don’t make light of the millions of saunas they own. If you select Sweden, you can celebrate Midsummer with several Swedes. A study abroad consultant can tell you how most time, they sing while huddled around a tree and acting like animals. Given how much the Danes enjoy pasta, you might mistakenly believe you are in Italy if you visit Denmark. They are indeed the globe’s most voracious pasta eaters. Amazing pasta is available in Danish cities, making the country’s student life very enjoyable.

High-quality education with promising career prospects

Delhi’s best overseas education consultants claim that northern universities consistently achieve some of the highest honours. Scandinavia boasts plenty of well-regarded colleges that are popular choices among international students, making it difficult to narrow the field down to just a few. Numerous nations

worldwide are in awe of the excellence of the entire Scandinavian educational system, which extends from daycare through graduate study. Due to the extensive academic history of most Scandinavian universities, many of these institutions exude a nostalgic air and are housed in grand historical structures. By contrast, the more modern ones demonstrate how Scandinavia is also staying on top of the times. Some of the greatest Scandinavian institutions have been shortlisted by the best overseas education consultants in Delhi:

  • Center Applied Sciences University
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
  • University of Uppsala
  • Hank Applied Sciences University
  • Swedish School of Economics

Options for employment following graduation

You can’t say “No” to the study abroad experience in Scandinavia. But Scandinavia also exposes fresh graduates to lucrative employment opportunities during and after their degree. Behind Silicon Valley, Scandinavia produces the most million-dollar enterprises per capita worldwide. However, the question is, how will you balance work with your studies? The best Scandinavian consultants in Delhi have noted that you can achieve it without spending the night at work. In Scandinavian nations, achieving work-life balance is highly valued. With culture just around the corner and the freedom to explore a wilderness unlike any other on earth, you’ll never run out of time or opportunities to relish your brand-new abode away from home. As a pro tip, even if your degree was taught in English, learning the country’s language will make it easier for you to obtain a better position. We assure you that the incomes in these nations are worth learning Nordic languages because the typical earnings can range from:

  • In Finland, 2250 EUR per month
  • In Sweden, 2100 EUR per month
  • In Denmark, 2625 EUR per month
  • In Norway, 2850 EUR per month
  • In Iceland, 2800 EUR per month

Now you understand why studying abroad in Scandinavia is a no-brainer! So, blow the dust off your laptops and check over all of the courses on the Admiisify website before applying for an undergraduate degree from an institution. The best Scandinavian education consultants in Delhi are Admissify, who have fulfilled many students’ dreams of having a memorable encounter with a Norse saga. You’ll discover the study program that’s ideal for you with the help of a team of alumni and study abroad experts.

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