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March 29, 2022

I always knew that there are immense fun, thrill, and prospects in studying abroad. However, I almost missed this fabulous opportunity. Had it not been for the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, my life would have been something else. I never gave importance to the lame ideas of studying in India only and not going to a different land. Being a girl was not a fact that bothered me or my far-fetched dreams. Hence, I consulted several websites to learn everything about the courses and style of education abroad.

If you are also in the same boat, please be fearless and start the remarkable journey with full faith. The study abroad consultants in Delhi is there to help you in every step. It may not be easy to adjust to the new lifestyle at first. However, confidence can take you to any extent if there is determination. I hope this content will influence you to plan a perfect trip to study abroad.


Initial Fears That Stopped Me

Although I was very sure about my plans, some hurdles were there in my path. There is no hesitation in accepting that the negative thoughts from my surroundings forced me to change my mind at one point in time. Furthermore, the thoughts of the vast pressure, the new culture and atmosphere, and the food habits made me freak out. I applied, and my application faced rejection on the first attempt. As a result, I once again became nervous and lost all hope.

But there is a saying that if one door is closed, several other doors will open automatically. I felt the truth in this statement. Moreover, I cancelled all my plans to study at a foreign institution. But then a quick video of YouTube opened my eyes. I received all the details of the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. As soon as I got the reviews, I dialled the number in no time. It was one of the best decisions that I took for myself. It sorted my future, and now I am part of my dream institution.

Some Important Factors Before Moving Abroad

Multiple reasons can be there to quite the decision to move abroad. We cite a few over here to let you know the reality.

  • Covid-19: At present, nothing can be more severe than COVID-19. For any international journey, this is the biggest hurdle you can face. Therefore, you have to be sure first whether the destination country allows the entry of international candidates. A study abroad consultant will definitely help you in such matters. A negative report and vaccination certificate are mandatory to book your flight tickets.
  • Homesickness can be the second factor that can make you tense. However, this is the challenge you need to overcome to reach the heights of success. Check out the odds and try to make friends with the natives. This will help you gather the courage to explore several things in the country. Always be aware of applicable laws and rules to avoid complicated situations and legal disputes in a foreign land. You have to prove yourself to fulfil all your wishes. 
  • Living expenses are obviously the last but not minor factor. You can apply for an abroad study scholarship to cover the entire tuition fee. Many scholarships are there to cover the living costs as well as health insurance. The consultants will care for all your needs and suggest the best ways to live comfortably in the new country.

Admissify has a reputation as a reliable study abroad consultant Guwahati and Delhi. The professionals are easily approachable at any time. Moreover, the students can also directly talk with the faculty through the Chat Now option. So, if there is any problem, please dial the number today for prompt replies.

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