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Studying abroad in the middle east as an Indian Student

October 18, 2022
Studying abroad in the middle east as an Indian Student

We all know Europe is the cradle of transnational education. Still, there are a lot of non-EU scholars who can’t go to travel far down to Europe or North America to study abroad and who would still love to profit from the unique experience of transnational education. An Indian student will get all the help from the study abroad consultants in Delhi

Also, numerous transnational scholars want to try a new adventure for their studies – a less travelled destination that still offers many openings. Many countries in the Middle East might give just the right study experience for these types of scholars while also offering quality English- tutored degrees. 


Why study in Turkey? 

Turkey islands the gap between rich ancient Greek, Roman, intricate, and Ottoman societies at the border between Europe and Asia. It welcomes a varied blend of belief systems, and its history can be tracked by the numerous spots attesting to the people who lived then. For scholars, Turkey is a great place to visit, explore, and immerse. Every student will learn about the courses and fees in this country from the best Turkish consultants in Delhi. 

Universities in Turkey 

According to international rankings, they are some of the most stylish universities in Turkey. 

  • Koc University 
  • Sabanci University 
  • Middle East Technical University 
  • Bilkent University 
  • Bogazici Universitesi 
  • Istanbul Technical University 
  • Israel 

Why study in Israel 

Israel offers a high-quality academic experience, with many universities featured in top rankings and numerous available English- tutored programs that nurture a transnational literacy terrain. 

Indeed though Israel has over 1000 times of history and is frequently considered a traditional nation, the country is significantly aligned with 21- century values. By studying in Israel, you’ll connect with an ultramodern, multilateral society looking toward the future. 

The country has attracted and made massive investments in frugality and high-tech development, getting one of Asia’s most ambitious launch-up nations with its interpretation of Silicon Valley. This welcoming business climate attracts transnational scholars from all over the world and has redounded the emotional development of the country’s major metropolises. 

Universities in Israel 

  •  These are the best-ranked universities in Israel, according to international university rankings. 
  •  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
  •  Tel Aviv University 
  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology 
  •  Ben- Gurion University of The Negev 
  •  Bar- Ilan University 
  •  University of Haifa 
  • Lebanon 

 Why study in Lebanon 

International education in Lebanon is centered around the capital megacity of Beirut, so if you want to study in the country, you’ll probably live then. Beirut is a safe megacity, remote from the conflicts in the region. The government has excellent seminaries, universities, an ultramodern health system, and good hospitals. 

The food in Lebanon is fabulous and affordable – who hasn’t heard about the delicious Lebanese cookery? 

Universities in Lebanon offer degrees concentrated on Engineering, Business, Urban Planning, and Computer Science, but also Environmental and Social lores. 

Explore all English- tutored Masters in Lebanon. 

 Universities in Lebanon 

  • Three universities in Lebanon offer English- tutored degrees 
  • American University of Beirut 
  • Lebanese American University 
  • Universite Saint- Joseph de Beyrouth 
  • United Arab Emirates( UAE) 

Why study in the UAE 

The United Arab Emirates( UAE) is youthful, dynamic, and instigative – a nation of Bedouins that surfaced into a prosperous state known for its diversity, political stability, and safety. This is the most well-known of the seven regions that are tourist spots.

Why study in the UAE 

The country is committed to taking its advanced education to the coming position, investing in education enhancement and exploration to secure international delegation and recognition. 

Because of this diversity and cooperation with transnational companies and the country’s reliance on foreign workers, the UAE may be an excellent place to find a healthy- paid job after completing your studies. 

Saudi Arabia 

Why study in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is one of the swift-growing advanced education systems in the Middle East, investing 20 of its periodic budget in education. The country is also a global mecca for transnational investment as Saudi Arabia keeps close relations with the Western world through its long-standing relationship with the United States. 

Oil painting is the crucial asset that has converted Saudi Arabia into one of the top 20 farming in the world. This has allowed the beautiful Arab country to make an emotional University in Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia houses more than 25 percent of the top universities. They are the best-ranked bones.

  • King Abdulaziz University 
  • Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University 
  • Umm Al- Qura University 
  • King Khalid University 
  • Jouf University 
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