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Studying abroad experience after a year of studying in the UK

December 3, 2022
Studying abroad experience after a year of studying in the UK

Almost all students perceive their university years to be among the greatest of their life. It is usually the phase when we discover ourselves, uncover our lasting interests, leave our personal boundaries, and experience new locations. Studying abroad increases our chances even more. Attending university abroad, even for a couple of months, a year, or the rest of your education is a chance to discover a new culture, connect with people, and make a personal experience like no other. 

Students frequently report returning from the UK as an entirely changed person, with a fresh outlook, an inquisitive mind, and with an unquenchable sense of wanderlust. According to the best study abroad counselors in Guwahati, students who study abroad come back stronger, more confident, and more internationally oriented, not to mention having a lot of fun.

Read below to take a peek into the Studying abroad experience of an international student after a year of studying in the UK.


In the UK, you will not be essentially spending your time on completing projects to be submitted but will be involved in independent learning, reading, and reviewing the topics covered in class. The students in the UK normally have weekly projects as well as practice tests and assessments throughout the term. Even though you may find that anyone scoring above 70% is graded as A, it is to be noted that the British education system is rigorous, and students take it far more sincerely and hence creating an environment of competition and set high standard of achievement in the class. 


Professors will typically never impose as much burden on you at the commencement of your time studying in the UK since they also hope that you enjoy the fun side of the university experience. Societies play an integral role in your stay here. You can simply register for as many societies.  Joining a society usually costs under £5 ($6.50) for a year’s membership. Sports, fandoms, hobbies, and other activities can all be featured in these clubs. These groups meet regularly within the university, but they also organize activities outside of the campus, such as party nights, contests, and even ball dances!

Residence of university students

while studying abroad, your closest friends at university will also be the folks you live and share residence with. The dormitory can be university-run or privately owned, and they often feature a shared apartment with 6-8 people, one kitchen, and two bathrooms. Living in student accommodation is an excellent opportunity to meet individuals and make new friends, and it is also budget-friendly if you share a room or a flat with others.

Living expenses

Meal plans are not provided by institutions in the United Kingdom; therefore, you will just have to procure and prepare your own meals.  There are cafés on university campuses where you can pay for each meal. In most cities where universities are located, stores and restaurants give student discounts, meal bargains, and even free access to clubs and parties if you present your student ID. The United Kingdom has an excellent public transit system that includes buses and railways. There are several buses, trains, and subway offers available to the general public aged 16 to 25. If calculating these costs disheartened you in any way, you must know that the experts at admissify can help you to get a scholarship for studying in the UK.

If you’re considering of studying abroad in the UK but are still hesitant, don’t be too concerned; part of the excitement of studying abroad is discovering things for the first time. You’ll relish your learning, build friendships, and explore new places. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi assert that you’ll quickly realize that life as a student in the UK differs significantly from what you’re used to at home, but that shouldn’t deter you from studying abroad. 

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