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Study In Ireland: The New Destination Of Choice For Indian Students Abroad

January 6, 2022
Study In Ireland – The New Destination Of Choice For Indian Students Abroad

Studying in Ireland is a dream come true for many young people learning across the globe. The serene landscape of the country has been attractive to thousands of students nowadays.

Studying in Ireland is a dream come true for many young people learning across the globe. The serene landscape of the country has been attractive to thousands of students nowadays. The lush green fields, old castle walls, the roaring seaside makes up the countryside, and the urban lifestyle induces a colourful vibe to all the people. The country houses great old institutions for world-class learning, a wide variety of courses or programs, and lots of job opportunities, which is ideal for any Indian student. The headquarters of many European tech firms are situated in Ireland, which makes it ideal for employment seekers. Trinity College, Dublin, is one of the oldest institutes. 


Why study in Ireland

  • A large number of students in Ireland are international students. Ireland provides opportunities for all their students with valuable and world-class education. The government of Ireland uses the parameters of NFF to maintain the fine quality of the education they provide. Hence, there is uniformity in all the institutions. This is an excellent option for any Indian student to gain a proper education which is opting to study abroad.
  • Ireland scopes for multiple research fields. Students with a motivation to research can ideally choose the universities of Ireland to begin their career journey. It is recorded that universities of Ireland have been included in the top research institutes of the world that have impacts in various disciplines, namely, humanities, health care, natural science and social science. These colleges and universities form one per cent of the top research institutes. We are aware of the great personalities and creative minds of the past like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, John Bell, Ernest Walton, who have been great examples for the excellent quality of the curriculum.
  • Ireland houses many opportunities for students at the end of the course. World’s renowned institutions and organisations in Ireland facilitate the critical research part. Students can enrol themselves for any graduation programs such as bachelor’s, masters and doctoral programs.  

Many multinational companies are stationed in Ireland, including the top 8 global pharmaceutical companies, 9 global ICT companies, 6 diagnostic companies, 8 top gaming companies, and fifteen medical device companies. The country also comprises fifty per cent of the leading firms of financial services of the world.

  • It was ranked among the top ten countries under global peace indices in 2017-18. It is a safe country for newcomer students as well. The Irish society comprises the right blend of rich tradition and support of the new elements. The local citizens are always ready to support and help the newcomers.
  • This country has been ranked among the top countries primarily friendly in 2017. In Ireland, festivals and cultural occasions are essential to their people. They are very welcoming to the international students. Ireland has many festivals like Fleadh Traditional Irish Music Festival, Puck Fair, St. Patrick’s Day and many more! This makes it appropriate for any Indian student to live and study in Ireland as they are most likely to feel warm and homely in this new country.
  • Fifty per cent of the population of Dublin comprises twenty-five years old. Students can also apply for part-time jobs while studying in Ireland. The policy for full-time students is to take up a part-time job for twenty hours per week during academic sessions and forty hours during vacation times. After completing the course, you can also earn full-time employment in the same place.

If you are a student from an Indian background and looking for an overseas country to study, then Ireland can be the best choice for you. The colourful surrounding and the happy vibe of the people of Ireland will support your learning and will not let you feel homesick.

Thus, Ireland is appropriately the new destination of choice for Indian students abroad! There is much other information about the admission that might help you enhance your study abroad plans.

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