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Study in Canada: visa, cost of living, & other expenses you need to know about

August 12, 2022
Study in Canada: visa, cost of living, & other expenses you need to know about

Being able to access a top-notch education, cross-cultural experiences, and a degree that is recognized around the world makes studying in Canada a worthwhile investment in your future. Additionally, it is among the best spots where students go to get a degree. However, compared to other nations in Europe and North America, the overall expense of attending college and living in Canada is considerably high.

The best study abroad consultants in Delhi present a breakdown of the direct expenses and outline the costs associated with living in Canada for Indian students and the education expense there. An analysis reveals that some of Canada’s most esteemed universities include The University of Toronto, The University of Alberta, and The University of Winnipeg.


Details for Visa Application and related costs

Students who desire to apply to any higher education institution for vocational or academic development will necessitate a Canadian study permit. For programs spanning more than six months, a study permit is mandatory. However, it is advisable for students to register for a study permit even if they are enrolling in a course that will last less than six months if they decide to prolong their stay.

 The cost of a student visa for Canada is 150 CAD, or INR 8542. Application costs vary according to the student’s nationality and the university to which they apply. In addition, students must submit confirmation of money, their letter of admission, other credentials, and the minimum bank balance expected to prepare for a Canadian student visa, typically INR 6,00,000 or more.

Education expenses in Canada

The option of seeking global Canadian education has become increasingly popular among impressionable youth because the country has more than 6 million international students engaged in bachelor’s, master’s, Diploma, and Certification programs.

The best overseas education consultants in Delhi have estimated the fees of completing a bachelor’s degree in Canada across diverse fields is roughly CAD 30,000 (INR 16,00,000) annually, with a range of CAD 12,000 (INR 6,30,000) to CAD 30,000. (INR 1,60,000).

Many students enrol in a variety of graduate or master’s university courses in Canada in conjunction with completing undergraduate studies. An average of CAD 18,000 (INR 9,50,000) in tuition costs must always be paid by an overseas student each year.

Accommodation expenses

Living in cities is one of the few things that can change how much a place costs. The metropolitan areas are larger than the outskirts. Although it may not always be the least expensive choice, on-campus housing is far more popular among students due to its greater comfort. Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive places to dwell in. With a dearth of cheap homes in Toronto, the expenses are the steepest and continue to climb upwards!

The best-projected living expense will depend on the university you are applying to because the cost of living differs from city to city and is based on where the school is located. The price may vary from about CAD 5,000 (INR 2,67,000) to CAD 10,000 (INR 5,39,000) each year, depending on the types of rooms and flats. All this information is available in an organized manner from the study abroad consultants in Delhi. 

Every college provides an estimate of fees and living expenditures in Canada, as was previously discussed. While some institutions provide on-campus boarding choices that are reasonable and inexpensive, others charge quite a bit for the same.


Also, students can make choices for their residency locations. For example, international students in Canada often have two options for housing: on-campus housing or off-campus housing. Students can choose from choices like dorms and apartments available to students living on campus under these two categories. Off-campus housing choices include shared residences, single apartment complexes, condominiums, guesthouses, and staying with local families.

Apart from the above-said expenses, there are a few other costs accrued. For example, minor expenses like purchasing educational resources, study materials, and stationeries can be considered during the stay in Canada. Also, after a hectic examination schedule, you sure will have plans with friends to enjoy some off-road endeavours. Although secondary, these add to the direct expenses of education.

With the pandemic just over, we are observing a new wave: the study abroad aspirants, of course! Admissify is equipped to handle the waves of youthful and aspiring students. We provide free counselling to make your way into the world’s top Universities. Visit our site to learn more about us. We shall be happy to assist you as a reliable study abroad consultant. 

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