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Study And Work In Canada After Getting Post Graduation Work Visa

January 10, 2022
Study And Work In Canada After Getting Post Graduation Work Visa

The study abroad opportunities are immense in Canada. Some may think that the educational standards and job placements are favorable, mainly in the UK or the USA.

The study abroad opportunities are immense in Canada. Some may think that the educational standards and job placements are favorable, mainly in the UK or the USA. However, if you go by the recent trends, Canada will become your favorite quickly.

The country is showing a rising trend in the growth and prospects of different industries. Moreover, they maintain excellent standards in the education system. Ask any study abroad consultant, and you will get the proper reply.

Get the appropriate visa today for doing the post-graduation in Canada. Most universities will give you a work permit to learn industrial affairs and your studies.

Now, you must be curious to know the procedure of getting such a permit for a hassle-free stay in this beautiful country. We will indeed resolve all your doubts.


Post-Graduation Work Permit Details

Let your professional goals reach heights with the help of working amidst your studies. It is indeed great to discuss such matters with the best study abroad consultant in Delhi. If you wish to stay for some more time after completing the PG course, apply for the Post-Graduation work visa. This is the entry permit allowing you to wait for an additional period of eight months.

Furthermore, there will be no limitation in joining the industries after getting this work permit. Your academic background can be anything. Hence, there will be no connection between the professional field and your academics. You can choose any career you want according to your preference and stay in Canada forever. It is the most valuable part of obtaining this visa.

However, the conditions are pretty rigid for the medical sector or if your work involves exploitation risks. You have to bear the laws clearly in your mind for some superb experiences ahead.

Reasons To Apply For The PG Visa

After consultation, you can thoroughly know the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for Canada. Their guidance is the best thing you can have before finally landing in Canada. It is crucial to know all the systems in a new country prior to your permanent shifting. Such activity will make you more confident and capable in a completely unknown land.

To ensure a practical understanding of the lifestyle and the work style, you have to work in the real world. By taking help from the study abroad consultants in Delhi, you can apply for the Post Graduation Work Visa. The chance to apply for this visa will not be there after 180 days of completing your course. Therefore, it is not necessary that you have to be 100% sure regarding your stay after the course.

If your plans change after 180 days, there will be no difference. It is not mandatory to stay in the country or continue the job just for such a permit.


Eligibility Details For PG Permit

Before applying for the post-graduate permit to stay for a more extended period in Canada, you must be aware of the eligibility criteria. The best conditions in this respect are;-

·    Got a degree or diploma certificate for doing the course of the duration of a minimum of eight months

·    You have been a part of a continuous full-time course without any academic break. However, the schedule breaks between the programs will not form part of this.

·    Completion of a minimum of 50% program in person is mandatory.

·    This 50 % of the concerned program must be in Canada only. It includes all the courses that you have been part of in the whole of Canada.

·    A gap of fewer than 150 days in the study period will not make any difference.

·    Part-time studies in the final year are permissible.

The maximum period of these work permits is for three years. However, as stated earlier, the minimum time limit is eight months. You are eligible to apply for the visa only after obtaining the Letter of Completion. In this way, you will be confirming to the authorities that you have met all the requirements of the academic session.

Admissify can give in-depth knowledge about all the courses, visa procedures, and abroad study scholarship options. Express your likings for the respective courses and the executives will help you incredibly.

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