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Study Abroad in the US — How Much Will It Cost?

June 18, 2022
Study Abroad in the US — How Much Will It Cost

Often, the Indians consider it highly expensive to study in the US. However, if you consult with an experienced consultant in this regard, things will become more effortless. The US Government always encourages young aspirants to come to their country to complete higher studies. You can get a detailed curriculum from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi.

The costs of studying abroad will surely make you frown initially. However, the knowledge about the abroad study scholarship options will help you plan everything before moving out to another country. It is never too late to make the correct choices at the right time. If you wish to study in the US, please make the plan faster and prepare for the admission tests. Management of expenses is an inevitable part of this planning activity. Hence, look for the appropriate suggestion to ensure that you learn everything you have aspired for so long.


Estimated Costs In The US

The expenses you must consider before arriving in America are listed as follows. Please give a glance at a great student life abroad.

Tuition Fees of the Institute:

One of the most significant costs you come across abroad is the tuition fees. It varies as per the course you choose as well as the institution. Hence, the help of the study abroad consultants in Delhi is of utmost importance at this crucial stage. Having an idea about the average tuition fees will help you to plan accordingly. Generally, the cost structure of different programs is given below. But this is subject to variations from time to time.

-Undergraduate: Per annum fees ranges between $20,000 and $40,000

-Graduate: Per annum fees range between $20,000 and $45,000

-Language Courses: Per month fees range between $700 and $2,000

-Ph.D: Per annum fees range between $28,000 and $55,000

However, for MBA degrees, the costs will undoubtedly be more. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi will make you aware of the elaborate fee structure of different prestigious institutions in the Us. You mention the course name, and the details will be in front of you in seconds.

  • Costs For Accommodation

After arranging the tuition fees, you have to think about the accommodation expenses. Many universities offer on-campus accommodations at a monthly price. Hence, it is better if you go for such institutions. However, you can also select off-campus residences, especially for the Indians, and stay with the group. Another good choice in this respect will be to share a homestay with a family and enjoy the time in a different country. Homestays often create outstanding bonds with the family, and the good chaps can even offer you different food on certain occasions. It will soon become another family in a foreign country. But these residences can be more expensive than on-campus stays. The average cost varies between 6,000 USD and 15,000 USD.

  • Visa Costs

Another significant cost is the fees for the visa. However, it will be very smooth when you have the constant support of the best study abroad consultants. The professionals will complete all the formalities within a very short time. The usual application fee is $160 on average for the students.

  • Transportation Expenses

Depending on your eligibility, you can apply for specific scholarships that cover living expenses and tuition fees. Please keep sufficient information about the local transport like trains, buses, or the luxury coach services, for hassle-free traveling across different places of the country. Sometimes, your institution can also offer transport facilities for international students staying outside the campus.


By contacting Admissify, you can resolve all the problems of staying abroad. Please dial the registered number and ensure a great living in your preferred country.

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