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Study Abroad – Colleges, Courses, Exams, Free Counseling

August 8, 2022
Study Abroad -Colleges, Courses, Exams, Free Counseling

Are you an aspirant to sit for the SAT or TOEFL exam this year? Do you know the relevant criteria for studying abroad at a prestigious university? Your all-time friend and support in this aspect will be a knowledgeable study abroad consultant. So, please contact the incredible experts who will tell you the perfect path to achieve your goal.

Several colleges and universities are there imparting education on various courses. Therefore, you must be sure about the subject you want to study. The incredible institutions have various combinations ensuring the subjects you desire. Please be updated with the latest information on the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. They have appropriately designed courses to let you enrol in the best colleges in the world.


Get free counselling from top-class consultants and experience a quick and easy visa procedure.

Different Courses At A Glance

Many countries offer attractive courses for international students with multiple financial aid. Hence, if you are out of funds, please consult the study abroad consultants in Delhi to learn about the eligibility for an abroad study scholarship. These fantastic opportunities acknowledge the real talent of deserving candidates. Hence, you can always look at these mind-blowing colleges and determine where you want to join.

If the top UK or US universities are going out of your budget, please do not lose hope. Today, countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc., are also growing tremendously in the educational sector. So, you can always go for these highly cost-effective study solutions and improve your career vastly.

List of the Popular Courses in Different Countries

  1. Bachelor of Science in the USA: The duration of this course in America is four years. Moreover, you need the cut-off scores of TOEFL or IELTS to be eligible to apply for the course at any of the US universities. The average fee will be around Rs. 59.5 lakhs for Indian students.
  2. MBA in International Business in Canada: MBA aspirants are many. Moreover, an MBA degree holder will get more opportunities to work abroad. In Canada, such courses will be for 20 months on average. However, you must score at least 100 in TOEFL to get into this course at any Canadian university. In the case of IELTS, the score should be 7. In Indian currency, you will need around Rs. 25.2 lakhs for a standard institution.
  3. Medicines in the UK: Medicine students can have a bright future after graduating from top-notch UK universities. Of course, Oxford University offers one of the best courses in this regard. BM Bch in medicine is very popular in the UK, and international students can gain a lot by joining this course. The average fees for the first year are around Rs.43.2 lakhs. Special scholarships for medical students ensure easy admission to the desired institution.
  4. Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology in Australia: If your preferred foreign study destination is Australia, this is an excellent course indeed. Furthermore, the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for Australia can provide several valuable tips for joining the best institution. The undergraduate degree is of 3 years. ICT professionals are experiencing high growth today. So, it is one of the prospective courses abroad for a lovely future. The tuition fees for the first year can be Rs. 10.40 Lakhs or more.
  5. Diploma in Business in New Zealand: A certificate program in Strategic Management can open the doors to many impressive jobs with good packages. This is a full-time course of 1-year duration. The private universities of New Zealand offer this brilliant course for enhancing skills in the modern-day business world and how to formulate strategies. Thus, the students will be competent in dealing with advanced technologies and overcoming new challenges. The starting fees may be from Rs. 9 Lakhs and can even go up to Rs. 17 Lakhs, depending on the colleges you choose.
  6. Master in Mobility Systems Engineering and Management in Germany: This engineering course is unique and is not present in many universities in India or abroad. However, this course is definitely the best if you want to build a career in Mobility Systems. As per the suggestions of the best German education consultants in Delhi, you can opt for Germany as your study destination.

Admissify At Your Help

Please call on the helpline numbers of Admissify Edutech and decide on the course you wish to join in a foreign institution. The qualified professionals will guide you in various ways to crack the entrance tests on the first chance. 24/7 assistance is available as you place your inquiries through the Chat option on the official portal of www.admissify.com.

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