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October 24, 2018

Universities of UK offer a diverse variety of curriculum to accentuate students hailing from all corners of the globe. The rich heritage and the unique traditions of the region offer the students an opportunity to enrich themselves with the incredible ambiance and culture and henceforth go forward with their career on an international base. The studying abroad is an extremely enticing affair, however, the associated expenditure is quite high and that is a major deterrent for many aspirants who dream to study via uk scholarships for international students.  The high expenditure therefore demands good scholarship programs which can help the aspiring students fulfil their dreams and enhance their careers in the long run. At present there are a host of measures which could be undertaken to finance the education abroad, in addition to the aid which can be given by the universities to the international students of undergraduate category. To add to the scholarships aimed at the undergraduate students, the UK universities also have a provision to reserve dedicated seats for postgraduate curriculum based students looking to obtain a PhD or a Masters in an UK university.


The important points in relation to scholarship:

  • Students can apply for scholarships in any university irrespective of the region of origin of the student, as long as the place of origin is other than that of UK and hence can be counted as an international student.
  • The scholarship extended to the international student is applicable only for a single year of the tuition fees of that particular student
  • The scholarship can be applied for showing oneself as a prospective student. However, the student cannot re-apply for the scholarship once the student is able to take admission in the university.
  • On account of being honored with an award or scholarship which amounts to $3,966 USD or even more, the particular student cannot apply for a scholarship in the respective tuition fees.
  •  For the application, the student must be able to submit a video of one minute length describing the value he holds in terms of community.

Scholarships available for consideration

The current UK scholarship applicable for students of undergraduate category is termed Castle Smart, extending an aid of $7,934 USD to international student who is able to create the most impressive YouTube video on their curriculum of choice.

In addition to this abroad study scholarship, there are other ones which are directly aided via the home nation or via large organizations having international footprints, e.g. Students hailing from developed Commonwealth countries like Australia and New Zealand are eligible for Commonwealth based scholarship ranges. Thereby the student needs to approach the local government via online measures and check the related formalities.

UK universities offering scholarships:

  • University of Oxford offers five scholarships for undergraduate students ranging $20,3833-$30,665 USD per year, completely dependent on the nature of curriculum opted for, including tuition and living expenditures.
  • University of Cambridge offers four scholarships for international students with a range of $25,385-$66,290 USD per year depending on curriculum.
  • University College London offers over 15 scholarships extended to international students ranging from $21,607-$43,201 USD per year, dependent again on the nature of course opted for.
  • University of Bristol offers six international scholarships to the students ranging by virtue of the places taken by them. The range is $20,889-$46,803 USD per year in terms of tuition fees.
  • University of Nottingham offers a range of $18,523-$22,414 USD per year, completely depending on the curriculum undertaken. The total number of scholarships obtainable are over 30 dedicated for students hailing from undergraduate sections. The best bet for abroad study scholarship

Loans for consideration

In addition to the scholarship options, loans are an equally sought out tool to alleviate studying abroad dreams. UK based loan are not applicable for the students who have not been living on the UK soils for the last three consecutive years at a stretch previous to the studies.

is also to approach the local government and see the nature of loans which the particular student is applicable for. Thus the scholarships and the associated loans are the best options for an international student to land in UK and henceforth pursue his dreams of studying in one of the most advanced and reputed universities in the world and elevate his career to a whole new level.

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