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Sandwich Programs In The UK- Everything You Need To Know

November 2, 2022
Sandwich Programs In The UK- Everything You Need To Know

If you have been looking for various options to fulfil your study abroad dreams, stop here. Some of the top countries across the globe have made it easier for students to pursue courses at their campuses today, with minimum hassles. Studying abroad was never so easy. But before you delve into various courses, you should know about the new offering from the UK. It is none other than sandwich courses, that we are talking about here. 

A sandwich course is basically a course, that allows you at least one session to intern along with your program classes. This is called, filling the sandwich, that too, with real-time practical knowledge. The duration of such programs differs from one place to another. It can be for a semester, nine months or an entire year. The sandwich course is not something new, though, as it originated in the UK itself, in the 1950s. 

Sandwich Programs in the UK 

You can come across an undergraduate sandwich program in UK universities, that has a tenure of 3 years, but you can work in the 3rd year. The internship may last for 9-12 months as well. Most sandwich courses have a longer duration in the UK. Although the tenure of such courses may not seem too pleasant, they are good for your career, believes the study abroad consultant. If you are a fresh graduate looking for lucrative job opportunities, these are the ones for you. Moreover, there are a few programs that even allow you to stay in the UK for an additional 1 year after completion of the course. The study abroad consultants in Delhi will always provide you with the best guidance on the applicability of the norms. 

Types of Sandwich Courses Decoded 

You will be happy to know that there is not one, but two kinds of sandwich courses. 

  • Thick Sandwich
  • Thin Sandwich 

The best study abroad consultants in Delhi will be able to throw more light on this. Thick courses mostly consist of a year of internship. In such programs, you study for the initial 2-3 years and then work in the final year. On the other hand, in thin sandwich courses, you get to work twice or thrice in different years. The study abroad consultants Guwahati can tell you the differences. 

So, stop wondering what the difference between a normal and a sandwich course is. Of course, you know by now that the duration of a sandwich course is longer than any other full-time course. It allows you to get work experience apart from a world-class education. Many universities in the UK are offering such programs in psychology, business, design, and engineering. You must have noticed that most of these are practical-oriented courses. 

You have to find out the eligibility criteria for such programs as well. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi can give you a fairly good idea with all details. However, you can have a quick glance at what is listed here. 

Eligibility For Sandwich Courses 

According to the information gathered by the best overseas education consultant in Delhi for UK, the eligibility norms are more or less the same as the other courses. 

They are:

  • You have to score at least 60% from a recognized university in your last examination/ qualification. 
  • You have to show proficiency in English through tests like TOEFL or IELTS. 
  • If you are applying for master’s level courses, you need to appear and clear GRE or GMAT courses. 
  • You also need to produce your academic mark sheets and certificates. 
  • A letter of recommendation is a mandate.
  • Get your updated resume during the application. 
  • A statement of purpose or essay on yourself is also mandatory. 

You can also get this complete list from the best UK consultants in Delhi. Here are a few details about the universities, which offer sandwich courses at both undergraduate levels and postgraduate levels. 

  • Manchester Metropolitan University – You can do a BSc in Hospitality, Banking and Finance. The course is of 3-year duration, with 1-year placement work. 
  • Kingston University London – You can pursue an MBA OF 2 years, with 1 year of placement work. 
  • Staffordshire University – You can pursue Cyber Security and Mechanical Engineering, of 4-year duration, with 1-year of placement. 

For more such information, you can connect with the best UK education consultants in Delhi, Admissify, who are renowned overseas educational consultants and can guide you on the related aspects, like fees and scholarships. 

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