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Pre-Departure To-Do List for Students Going Abroad for Higher Studies

March 29, 2022

When a student receives an acceptance letter from their desired university abroad, it is like a dream come true for the student. However, much preparation is required to turn this dream into a reality. Hundreds of students are going abroad to pursue their higher studies in the current situation. 

Pursuing higher studies abroad is always an intricate process. The stress level within the students is always high because they have to leave their loved ones and their homes to study abroad. Pre-departure pressure and tension are among the most common things students go through studying abroad. 

A well-grounded study abroad consultant can always guide and coordinate with the students with this augmented process. So, in a way, it reduces their stress, too, as they get proper guidance from their consultants. Talking about education consultants, study abroad consultants in Delhi play a vital role. They have helped the students evaluate their educational profile and enhanced their skills and knowledge. Moreover, the aspirants will get accurate knowledge regarding the job opportunities and career choices in the country they are going to study. 

Essential Pre-Departure to-Do List That Students Need to Follow

Now let’s talk about some essential pre-departure to-do lists that students need to follow before leaving for their higher studies abroad.


The kind of clothes that students need to carry:

  • Students should always carry extra clothes as there won’t be time to wash the clothes and do the laundry.
  • It is advisable to carry clothes according to the place’s location because the country where the student is going to pursue his/her higher study can offer a variation in the climate.
  • Always carry extra toiletries.

Health-related things that students need to carry/do:

  • Having health insurance before leaving for higher studies abroad is very important. Health-related issues can occur anytime. Students can obtain their health insurance both from India as well as from the university they are going to study. Honestly, obtaining health insurance from India will save a lot of money.
  • Students should always carry extra common medicines required quite regularly, like fever, cough, cold, vomiting, body pain, allergies, headache, stomach pain, etc. 
  • The students should go through a full-body check-up before leaving for abroad.

Documents that students need to carry:

  • Educational Documents:
  1. Degree Certificate
  2. Original mark sheets
  3. Other co-curricular activity certificates
  4. All project reports
  • University Documents:
  1. University acceptance letter
  2. Other university letters like admit and form
  3. Fee Receipts
  4. Health Documents
  5. Copies of the syllabus
  • Travel Documents:
  1. Air tickets
  2. Identity Card
  3. Passport
  4. Copy of Visa 

Additionally, it is very important always to make sure that the fees of the courses are paid properly and timely. Paying the fees within the stipulated time prevents the student from facing a charge for the late fee.


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