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July 27, 2018
Pursuing higher education in a foreign country, like UK, might be a dream that is hard to become a reality, no thanks to the increasing tuition and the decreasing rupee value along with the ever-changing economy. But if you are looking for a means to realize your study abroad dream, then you should be searching for the UK scholarships for Indian students or UK scholarships for International students.
Here we bring to you top 7 UK scholarships for Indian students and what you can gain with these scholarships in your bag. We sincerely hope that this information guides you in realizing your educational dreams. These scholarships are not just for Indians but are a boon to international students as well.
Popular UK scholarships for Indian students

Felix Scholarships: 

As one of the popular UK scholarships for international students, this aims at providing the much-needed support to underprivileged students in any country including India, and offers them the opportunity to study in any of the top universities in UK. There are six scholarships offered each year to study at Oxford University, University of Reading and in the School of Oriental and African studies. The scholarship requires you to be below the age of 30 with a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university to apply. FREE ONLINE IELTS CLASSES

Rhodes Scholarships:

Another UK scholarships for Indian students, this is offered based on various factors including intellect, commitment, exceptional performance, character, and leadership. Rhodes scholars are well known for their outstanding intellect and amazing leadership, which is the deciding factor for the candidate selection. There are five scholarships awarded each year to study in the Oxford University and the scholarship covers college fees, airfare and also provides a personal stipend to the selected students.

Sir Ratan Tata Scholarships:

Partial grants are offered to the students who want to pursue doctoral or postgraduate studies through the Sir Ratan Tata UK scholarships for Indian students. The students have to decide on the university first and then submit their application to the trust before the end of May every year. The trust should be contacted at least 3-4 months before departure to the respective university for studying.

Hornby scholarships:

Yet another of the UK scholarships for international students which are awarded to English teachers from any developing nation including India. The objective of the scholarship is to provide support to specialists in English such as inspectors, material writers, senior teachers and teacher trainers. The scholarship allows the candidate to pursue MA where they study English in UK University and also teach for an academic year there. To avail this UK scholarship for Indian students, you need to have a minimum 5-year work experience as English teacher.FREE ONLINE IELTS CLASSES

Magderburg University

St. John’s College under the University of Cambridge has established this UK scholarship for Indian students in honor of Dr. Singh. The students who have interest and exceptional performance in the field of economics, science, technology and social studies can pursue their higher education with this scholarship. It gives preference to those studying aerospace and energy studies. It covers the tuition fees, airfare, living expenses in UK and also provides a personal stipend to the students.
There are quite a few other UK scholarships for international students which you can find out with a simple search of the web. These are generally managed by the British Council along with other organizations and offered to eligible candidates to fulfill their dream on education.


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