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Plans to study abroad? Scholarships by Indian govt. for students planning to study in foreign universities

January 2, 2023
Plans to study abroad

Scholarships are sometimes compared to lifelines for many people. The chance to study abroad is sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime experience for hopefuls who wish to pursue their goals. Furthermore, scholarships are an efficient instrument for moving closer to and accomplishing this objective. Scholarships assist in overcoming financial constraints and achieving the aims of studying abroad. Students from India shouldn’t ever let their financial situation disturb them. This is due to the potential for broadening one’s mind during the entire study abroad experience.

Furthermore, these study abroad experiences provide innovative perspectives. The study abroad consultants have identified the top scholarships for study at foreign institutions. So, if you want to keep up with other international students in terms of education, don’t miss out on these fantastic scholarships. 

Various Scholarships Under Indian Ministries

  • The Ministry of Tribal Affairs

Individuals from the Scheduled Tribes are no longer outside of receiving educational privileges. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs offers scholarship programs for them to study abroad. Scholarship schemes, such as the National Overseas Scholarship Scheme, provide resources. The award is only available to Scheduled Tribes students and has some eligibility requirements. 

This Central Sector scheme selects 20 fresh ST students each year to award scholarships to deserving individuals. The grant amount is available to students pursuing their Master’s degree, Ph.D., or post-doctoral studies from overseas.

  • Ministry of Minority Affairs

It is understandable if you do not enjoy reading newspapers. It is because the Ministry of Minority Affairs widely publicized its Padho Pardesh initiative in newspapers to inform students interested in studying abroad about this new chance. This ministry-sponsored scheme provides interest subsidies to students from minority communities. It is a scholarship that allows individuals to study abroad on a shoestring budget.

The interest subsidy will be granted for the duration of the moratorium, according to the scheme’s conditions. This implies that it will be valid for the duration of your course. Furthermore, the scholarship continues after that point, lasting one additional year or six months after landing a job, whichever comes first. Anyone who takes out an education loan from the Indian Banks Association is eligible for this loan. The Ministry will then pay back the student’s educational loan in full, including the interest component.

Additionally, the students must submit the required documentation to the scholarship provider to receive the award. Thus, it is an incredible method for repaying student loans without paying significant interest amounts.

  • Ministry of Science and Technology

The Ministry offers the Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship Program for people who believe in significant technological advancements and innovation. According to research by study abroad consultants, this scholarship program effectively addresses the necessity of developing national capability in cutting-edge fields of science and engineering. The goals of these abroad study scholarship programs are important to India, which has a rich scientific heritage.

It primarily functions by giving PhD candidates accepted to Indian colleges in reputable international universities research training. One gains exposure and the opportunity to study abroad by applying for this scholarship. The research fellows will have access to cutting-edge research facilities in academia and labs at specific universities abroad. This grant would enable candidates to establish long-term research and design collaborations. Those who receive scholarships are also expected to strike it rich with guaranteed cooperation with scientists and technologists worldwide! The most fortunate are rewarded with the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge to develop national programs for the betterment of India. The following eligibility requirements have been established by the best study abroad consultants:

  • The applicant must be an Indian national. Bangladeshis, Bhutanese, and people of other nationalities are not permitted to participate in the program.
  • The candidate ought to have enrolled in a PhD program full-time.
  • The PhD enrolment must have been earned from one of India’s reputable STEM institutions.
  • Applications must be submitted by someone other than those part-time students.
  • No applications will be accepted from those who have already turned in their theses.

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