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Planning to Study in Germany Know How to Obtain APS Certificate Required for Student Visa Application

January 8, 2023
Planning to Study in Germany

Germany has established itself as a world-renowned educational powerhouse and is trendy among international students. This is due primarily to the country’s several renowned universities. Furthermore, due to its vibrant student life and attractive financial alternatives, the number of study abroad applicants continues to rise yearly. According to the best study abroad consultants, approximately 330,000 international students are currently studying in Germany. Indian students account for a sizable share of this total. According to the data, roughly 25,000 Indians are currently studying abroad in Germany, making them the third largest group of international students. And why not? After all, Germany has some of the world’s top technical, scientific, and academic training programs.

If you have decided to visit Germany, you should know the following crucial information. It is about the APS Certificate, which is now required for German student visas. Logically, this new shift in the application procedure might be overwhelming. But don’t worry; study abroad consultants have collated all relevant material and thoroughly explained it.

APS definition and eligibility

APS stands for Academic Evaluation Centre, primarily a service provider for the Federal Republic of Germany’s Embassy in New Delhi. According to the findings, the best study abroad consultants in Delhi corroborate that this organization was founded in collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Service.

The APS is in charge of reviewing and evaluating the applicant’s Indian academic credentials. Furthermore, the APS certificate is required to verify the applicant’s validity. The APS certificate can also determine whether you are eligible to apply to German universities.

However, the study abroad consultants emphasize that APS certificates are optional for student visa applications. However, it is still challenging to achieve because they are a necessary condition for various universities. For example, the Technical University of Munich and the University of Münster place great value on this degree, making APS a required document. Furthermore, the findings indicate that having the APS certificate will make your student visa application go more smoothly. In a word, obtaining an APS certificate will streamline your application procedure to German colleges and will get you one step closer to your ambition of studying abroad in Germany.

APS is open to all students applying to German universities. Furthermore, seeking an APS certification is a requirement that must be met.

  • Students applying to German universities may need to state whether they are applying for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or another degree in order to submit an APS certificate application.
  • Based on this information, they will be required to deliver their paperwork to the Academic Evaluation Center.
  • Following this, APS will evaluate those academic materials to ensure their legitimacy. If the APC believes your documents are authentic and complete, it will issue the certificate.
  • This APS certificate will be applied for and submitted along with the student visa application.

The best overseas education consultants in Delhi for Germany emphasize that, while the paper is crucial, the candidates must still complete their other requirements. This means that obtaining an APS certificate does not negate or diminish the significance of different qualifications, such as your IELTS/ TOEFL scores.

How to Apply for APS

  • The initial step in starting the process is to register on the APS website. Then you must download and complete the form. You should carefully fill out all the details because any errors discovered later may result in our candidature being canceled.
  • After correctly completing the form, you must print a hard copy of the document and sign it.
  • Following this, you must transfer the APS procedure fee of Rs. 18,000/- to the APS bank account.
  • APS will complete the documentation, evaluation, and verification processes. Because the process is extensive, it can take up to 2-4 weeks.
  • The APS will update your online profile once the verification process has been completed. The five APS certificates will also be provided to the successful students through couriers.
  • In addition to applying for a student visa through the VFS, successful candidates may do so at any German university.

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There has been a lot of secrecy about the new upgrade and the document demand for German admissions. Understandably, you may still have a few queries. In that situation, you should seek advice from the most significant study abroad consultants in Delhi. Your questions are welcome at admissify.com.

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