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Part Time Jobs in UK for Indian Students

December 29, 2021

While a part-time job will be a good option for an international student in the UK, it is good for the candidates to keep themselves engaged in study. A part-time job lets a student study and gets some time to be away from study stress. Part-time Job for international students in the UK involves paying heed to specific rules and regulations abroad.

Policy and Regulations

The Uk provides a rule and regulations for international candidates. The kind of jobs they are allowed specific wage and salary which has a limit. The guidelines are for students who are eligible for part-time employment.

The following rules are for international students who want to engage in part-time jobs such as:

  • Students enrolled on full-time studies in the universities can work for a maximum duration of twenty hours every week.
  • The student must have a visa with a long-time validity issued for full-time degrees.
  • Students enrolled in other programmes can work only for ten hours every week.
  • These candidates who are doing part-time are not allowed to join work in the UK.
  • These students cannot opt for self-employment while studying and doing a part-time job. They cannot do business or involve themselves in any full-time professional job or sports entertainment.

Other essential regulations are also required for the students to fulfil;

The students must find interest in any nearest place to the university’s campus they are studying. The campus jobs are usually easy and involve less duration. The compass jobs will be suitable for the students’ study times. The staff and the locals can help in finding such Jobs.


Where Can I Find Jobs for International Students in the UK?

International candidates can work for a part-time job in the UK based on their visa type. The visa type will depend on the course this student applied for. The on-campus employment for part-time duration can limit the chance of the students. The candidates can also apply for an off-campus job that will be difficult for the students to get a job in the UK. the students require basic communication skills and capabilities to get a job.

The students are required to make a cv including all the qualifications, skills, extra-curricular activities, and interests that will apply to them to get a part-time job in the UK. the cv adds bonus points for a candidate to get a better chance for the part-time Job.

Following are the ways to get a part-time job in the UK:

  • Look for Job Openings in Local Newspapers:
  • Take Help from the Career Team of the University:
  • Browse Through the Job Portals:

Part-Time Job Available For International Students in the UK

Generally, there are two types of part-time jobs for international students in the UK. These are on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs. Find out various types of on-campus and off-campus jobs here:

On-Campus Part-Time Jobs

On-Campus Part Time Job is ideal for international students as they can work within the college campus in their spare time and earn extra money. In the UK, students can apply for on-campus part-time jobs in various departments and sections.

The on-campus jobs are primarily offered in libraries, bookstores, laboratories, computer labs, gyms, receptions, cafeterias, campus guides etc.


Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs

Most students are offered a part job off-campus as it is relatively easy to find. The job roles that can be opted for are delivery boy, cashier, bookstore helper, grocery store helper, data entry operator, waiters/waitresses in restaurants, call centres executive, swimming pool maintenance etc. To be eligible for off-campus part-time jobs, the student must get permission from respective college authorities.

Pay-Scale And Taxes

The amount of the tax will depend on the income of the student. The student’s allowance will also matter. The income tax is also required to be paid. The tax depends on the taxable income.

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