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Part-Time Jobs During Your Study in the UK

January 6, 2022
Part-Time Jobs During Your Study in the UK

 Students apply for study in the UK for the benefit of high-quality education. The UK provides a good quality of teaching and job opportunity for international students as well. Students from India apply for universities in the UK to fulfil their dream of getting educated under the exemplary faculty. The students get to acknowledge a better experience with the blend of students coming from various backgrounds. The universities and colleges of the UK provide a wide variety of courses program optimized only for the students benefit and an opportunity for international students as well. The universities of the UK will build the student based on their field of interest to prepare them for ample job opportunities in future.

There are various courses they offer. Masters programs are for graduated students who are looking for further research-level studies. UK universities have masters programs for students from different fields such as humanities, art, social science, design, technology, business, and other science subjects. There is more than one type of course. The usual master’s programs are for two and three years duration. These universities also avail many other short term diploma programs. You can also opt for the MSC accounting & finance program, which broadens the students to become financial advisors, managers, analysts, or economists.


 Cost of studying

International students apply to the colleges of the UK for their promising career-building opportunity, which is worth all the money they invest. UK universities are famous for their affordability and flexibility in their programs. International students are also given many Scholarships and opportunities to cut down their tuition fees as well.

Hence, these universities are apt for deserving students.

The programs are made concise and made short for students’ benefit. This also lowers the total expenditure. Average fees for undergraduate programs range from ten to twenty lakhs per year, and post-graduate or masters programs vary from ten to twenty lakhs per year. Further doctoral courses and research may vary from fifteen to twenty-five lakh approx per year.

Students may feel an urge to earn extra money while completing their post-graduation courses while staying abroad. To support your daily expenses, you can opt for Part-Time Jobs During Your Study in the UK. The UK provides this facility for international students as well. There are specific criteria for students working in the UK.

  • The net duration for students to work is twenty hours a week. You cannot work more than if you are enrolled in a full-time degree program. A student engaged in a full-time post-graduation course can work four hours each day to earn their pocket money.
  • Moreover, a student from a language course is allowed to work for ten hours each week only. After the sessions are over, the students can quickly get into a job with standard forty hours week permission.
  • Students cannot work as a freelancer.
  • You need to have post-study work visa permission to be able to join a full-time job.
  • You must maintain a balance between your academics and work tasks. Both must not clash.

There are different kinds of part-time jobs available for international students.

  • International students have the opportunity for part-time jobs on campus. The on-campus jobs are easier to access for overseas students because of the location, University venue, and environment. It will also help them know about the other departments of the university. Students can quickly get part-time jobs in the cafeteria, computer labs, library, gyms, receptions and other such places on the campus itself.
  • Since the on-campus jobs are fewer, many students apply for off-campus jobs. In the UK, international students can look for good part-time jobs. As a student, you must look for a part-time job near the university or where you are staying. Waiting tables, receptionists, data entry, office boy jobs are reliable and typical part-time jobs available for students in the UK. However, it is essential to keep in mind that all students must get permission from their University before joining an off part-time campus work.
  • Nowadays the overseas students can also opt for part-time online jobs. The scope for getting online jobs is numerous in the UK. It is helpful for students to work online for their academic schedules. The students require laptops, gadgets and a good broadband connection to start with. Therefore, International students can easily choose one online part-time job among many available in the UK.

Ambitious students can contact the admissify helpline for further information and consultation to gather information about their study opportunities abroad.

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