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Money Management while Studying Abroad

January 4, 2021
Money Management while Studying Abroad

As per the survey, every year, over 15000 Indian students fly abroad for the completion of their education. Studying abroad can bring a lot of challenges for international students but with correct guidance and strong determination, your dream to study abroad can be completed. Out of all the challenges, Finance is one of the major ones. Many students face challenges on the term of finance while studying abroad. one of the biggest reasons can be currency differences. Every student who is flying abroad for their education must know how to manage finance while their journey and if not, this article will surely prepare you for managing your finance. This article will provide all the ideas and tips on how you can manage your finance while studying abroad in the best possible manner

Planning a Budget

One of the most important steps while managing your finance is creating a proper budget plan. While staying abroad, make a proper budget plan for every week. By creating a financial budget, you will be fully aware of your current financial status and how much to spend exactly.



The best way to manage your finance is to spend smartly. If you spend smartly, it will help you to invest your money in other necessary expenditures. There are some expenses which can be substituted, cut-off and have its alternatives. All you should know is what to priorities. Listing down some tips which will help you spend smartly and reduce your expenditure-

  • Instead of taking your sole apartment, you can share your accommodation
  • Instead of taking your vehicle, you can travel by taking local passes
  • Instead of buying new books each semester, old used books can be utilized
  • You can plan toy shopping during Sale time and purchase from Community stores

Also, get in touch with the locals who can help you find the best deals for purchasing large quantity in less amount. It is not possible to bargain in all the countries. In western countries, prices are non-negotiable. For such a situation, you have to stay connected with the locals.


The best way to earn a little extra while studying abroad is to do an internship abroad. Almost every student does a part-time job while studying abroad. You can take up a job which is not time taking and does not jeopardizes your studies too. It is important to know that every country has set a particular hour to complete for your part-time job every month. As per your comfort, you can either work within your campus or outside your campus.

Student Discount

When studying abroad, you should be fully aware of all the advantages which every student receives. One of them is Student Discount. With the objective of bringing down some expenses, every country offers a student discount to every student studying abroad. These discounts can be fully utilized in public transport, various cultural events, meals, movie tickets and any other public conveniences.


Smart Banking

For all those who are not aware of, if your home Bank does not have a branch out, you will be dependent on the ATM for cash and every time you withdraw some amount of money, you will be charged a certain amount including the withdrawal cash. To ignore such a situation, make sure that your bank has a branch in the other country as well. You can also open a student bank account in a foreign country which is not only safe but also provides the number of benefits to an international student who is studying abroad.

When it comes to performing safe and stable transactions in a foreign country, a for ex card also plays a key role. It is also a great instrument for monitoring expenditures and keeping a good check on unnecessary activities of cash. Besides, it serves as an identification card to make exclusive discounts available to students.

Money management is a very important step for every international student who are either planning or studying abroad already. I hope this article helped you in providing all the necessary money managing tips and ideas which will not only help you in saving bucks but will also make you responsible and confident. For further guidance and information, Contact Admissify today. Admissify aims that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information or visit www.admissify.com for more information and get connected with us today.

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