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MBA In UK Vs. MBA In USA- What To Choose And How?

January 10, 2022

You can land into turmoil about taking up an MBA course in the USA or the UK.

You can land into turmoil about taking up an MBA course in the USA or the UK. However, there are several criteria based on which you decide better. Your most dependable guide in resolving such doubt is the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. Take a look at this comparative analysis to help you make a suitable decision.

The educational patterns and standards are appealing for both these countries. But you need to choose anyone out of them. So, what is the way to get rid of this crisis? Keep your hopes high and analyze every factor more keenly. You will soon find a favorable choice. Moreover, your study abroad aspirations must be unlimited for a brighter career. Get to an enriching global culture by joining the world-class institutions of any of these nations.


Factors To Differentiate

Specific Requirements For Admission: This is the most crucial point when choosing the country for studying abroad. Of course, you will come across several variations as per the respective conditions of the universities. Moreover, the eligibility criteria will decide whether you can study in a particular university or not. Learn about these conditions from the study abroad consultants in Delhi. They are the best guide for the Indiana spirants. In the UK, the undergraduate program is three years, whereas the time duration is four years in the case of the USA. Again, for MBA in the UK, you will need to show a work experience of 2 to 4 years. But for the USA, this is for 3 to 6 years. However, almost all the institutions in both countries will consider IELTS or TOEFL scores to measure eligibility.

·    Education Mode:

Education mode is the primary focus while you will become a student of a prestigious university. On being asked, the best UK consultants in Delhi will definitely tell you about the difference in education mode for USA and UK. Theoretical concepts get more preference in the UK. On the other hand, MBA classes will be more practical case-based in the USA. Hence, you can enjoy more flexibility.

·    Duration Of Course:

The usual duration for the MBA courses in the UK is 1 one year. However, it is only 15 to 21 months if you join the London Business School. Please resolve any kind of doubt in this matter by consulting the study abroad consultants Guwahati or Delhi.

For the USA universities, this duration will continue for two years. But if you go for the part-time course, it can be longer, around three years.

·    Cost of Living:

To meet the costs of living, part-time jobs are essential for most students studying abroad. The primary expenses comprise food, lodging, and transportation. However, you have to know the work-permit rules for the specific universities.

In the USA, the chances to do part-time jobs and studies are more than that in the UK. It is common for all in the first year of your course. You also get the opportunity to participate in the off-campus programs after one year of the MBA program.

·    Rules For Scholarships:

The schemes for the scholarships are remarkable for both countries. Comparative analysis tells that the UK options for the abroad study scholarship are not as high as the USA. However, there are several criteria to choose the type of scholarship scheme. The basis can be the need, finance, or merit.

Some of the best choices are;-

In the USA:-

1.    Harvard University Scholarships

2.    University of Chicago Booth School of Business Scholarship

3.    Fullbright Foreign Student Program

In the UK:-

1.    30% Club Scholarship

2.    Oxford Said Business School Scholarships

3.    The London Business School Fund Scholarship

·    Age Limit:

In the UK, you can apply for an MBA up to 35 years. However, only students between 25 to 28 years can join an institution in the USA.

There are some other points also to compare the MBA programs prevailing in the UK or the USA.


Concluding Lines

Admissify gives you all the chances to study in UK or USA, as per your eligibility and preference. The executives will check whether you fulfill the requisite conditions of the respective universities. It holds good for both the countries. Dial the registered number of Admissify and start the new journey. 

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