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March 25, 2023

MBA is a stylish way to advance in your profession, but aspirants must look at several admission norms to be accepted into an estimable MBA academy.  In a former composition, we talked about the stylish places to study business administration without work experience. In this composition, we’ll talk about MBA programmes in Canada without the GMAT

Transnational scholars constantly choose Canada as their study-abroad destination.  It’s the most asked position for Indian scholars wishing to study abroad, second only to the US.  We will do our stylish to relieve any enterprises in this post about studying for an MBA in Canada without taking the GMAT. 

GMAT or GRE scores are generally needed for admission to MBA programmes at the maturity of business seminaries in Canada. There are, still, some sodalities and business seminaries in Canada that don’t bear GMAT scores for MBA admission. 

Still, this option is available to scholars with fresh credentials demonstrating exceptional academic and professional accomplishments.  Colleges will not immolate the standard of instruction if you pursue an MBA.  You must meet the other conditions for admission set forth by the university if a council doesn’t bear the GMAT.  A successive training of GMAT in Delhi.


Entrance conditions for an MBA in Canada without a GMAT 

  • Scores on the IELTS or TOEFL 
  •  Bachelorette’s degree with a minimal GPA of 3.0
  •  Further work  experience 
  •  Resume 
  •  Further than two letters of recommendation 
  •  GRE conditions 

Let’s look over the specific admission conditions for MBA programmes in Canada without the GMAT 

  • A bachelor’s degree As needed by the particular university, scholars must give attestation of a bachelorette’s degree earned in an affiliated or unconnected discipline.  An estimable university must have awarded the earned UG degree. 
  • Work experience The maturity of Canadian sodalities wants at least two times of work history. Scholars’ background guests must be listed on their CVs. 
  • IELTS or TOEFL results are demanded from transnational scholars to demonstrate their English language faculty.  For an MBA at a Canadian university, a 7 IELTS score is needed. 

Several MBA Degrees Available In Canada Without The GMAT

Several universities in Canada offer colourful feathers of MBA degrees without the GMAT in addition to regular/full-time MBA degrees.  Both full-time and part-time options are available for these programmes.  There are many MBA programmes in Canada that do not bear the GMAT 

  • University of Toronto’s Executive and Part- Time MBA 
  • Concordia University’s Administrative MBA 
  • McGill University’s Administrative MBA 
  • Montreal offers an administrative MBA
  • Administrative and Accelerated MBA Programs at Ivey Business School 

Carrying an MBA in Canada without a GMAT or work experience

 Some Canadian sodalities offer MBA programmes without the GMAT and the need for former job experience.  In this situation, the aspirant must demonstrate academic proficiency, a strong GPA, and an undergraduate business degree in order to get admitted to that university. 

Scholars unfit to submit their GMAT scores and employment information might rather submit their GRE results.  Scholars should confirm this with the universities that accept GRE results in place of the GMAT. 

 The universities that do not bear a GMAT or work experience for MBA programmes in Canada are listed below. 

  • Thompson Rivers University
  •  Cape Breton University 
  • Vancouver Island University 
  • Lakehead University
  •  Goodman School of Business – Brock University Saint Mary’s University 

Indian Scholars Without GMAT May Apply For An MBA In Canada.

  • GPA or advanced in the undergraduate course. 
  • For scholars who have completed four times of undergraduate coursework, the needed work experience is two times. 
  • For scholars who have completed three times of undergraduate coursework, the needed work experience is three times. 
  • 2 or 3 GPAs from academic and professional leaders. 
  • Up-to-date CV or renewing pressing information on employment and externship experience. 
  • There will be good GMAT Coaching in Delhi also there 


The GMAT isn’t needed for admission to the Master of Business Administration programme in Canada.  This option is only available to people who have fresh credentials that demonstrate exceptional academic and professional performance and go above what’s needed for the GMAT. 

New grads are at a disadvantage because an MBA programme requires work experience. Good business seminaries in Canada do, still, offer MBA programmes without a GMAT demand or a work history demand.

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