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February 10, 2023

The cost of studying abroad can often be a hindrance for many students. This is where scholarships come in to play a crucial role in making studying abroad a reality. A study abroad scholarship can help offset tuition, housing, travel, and other expenses. 

This article will explore ways to maximize your study abroad experience with scholarships and make the most of your time abroad.


Suggestions For Studying Abroad

1. Be prepared to put in a lot of effort when applying for study abroad scholarships. You will need to put in the effort when applying for a scholarship, whether for full-time study. It will take time, so plan and allot up to 3 hours each day to work on applications and writing essays. Depending on your situation, you will need to submit applications to six opportunities for each one you hope to win.

2. List all the things for which you are eligible. Begin with your home university before moving on to outside providers. Meet with people at the study abroad or career center. Learn about the available options, who is eligible, the qualifications, and the deadline. Moreover, it is also vital to create a Google Drive or Excel spreadsheet. Next, go to Google. Make a list of the results from a search for “study abroad undergraduate scholarship country/language/major.” You will inevitably apply to as many as you can.

3. Think about learning important languages and visiting less-traveled nations. Consider making the switch and refocusing on those opportunities if those locales or languages appeal to you. The odds are one hundred for students who want to study in Spain and one hundred for those who want to study in Ghana. 

Even if you want to learn a more well-known language, consider doing so in a less prominent location. Consider submitting an application to study Spanish in Panama or French in Senegal instead of France. 

4. The best advice for writing is to avoid using generalizations. 

Make your interests come to life with concise stories and personal accounts. Get support from your professors or other potential references as soon as possible. However, you will benefit immensely by contacting the best overseas education consultants in Delhi

Once finished, go back and read your essay. Make sure it belongs to no one else and is entirely original. Try to ask friends or family to read it because proofreading is essential. Add your resume and a few specific examples of why you qualify. 

This makes it simple for your references to write you a strong letter of recommendation should the scholarship require. 

5. Recheck the eligibility and submission requirements. 

Verify that you meet all eligibility requirements and that the application is complete in all respects before submitting anything. Moreover, many students end up disqualified as they need to be aware of the essential aspects. Reread the essays as well. This extra attention will go a long way. Have you completed all three of the prompts that asked you to talk about your leadership experience, community involvement, and regional interest? The best study abroad consultants in Delhi will help you in all these aspects. 

6. Print it out and read it all aloud. 

On a screen, it’s challenging to edit for accuracy. Once your essays are finished, and your resume has been updated, print everything out and read it aloud, including your resume. Moreover, go over your application, and use a red pen to correct any mistakes in grammar or spelling. Correct any errors in the digital version before repeating the process. This time will be well spent because a few typos could cost you thousands of dollars. 


7. Apply as soon as possible. 

Remember that humans are reviewing all applications. They most likely have other jobs and responsibilities besides selecting scholarship winners, even if there isn’t a preference for early applicants. These reviewers will be swamped with applications once the deadline has passed, and they might begin scanning them. 

If someone reads your story, can relate to it, and decides it would be a good use of their organization’s funding, you have the best chance of winning. A thorough review of your application is likely if it is one of ten because you applied early.


Scholarships can play a crucial role in maximizing your study abroad experience by offsetting the costs. Admissify is helping you focus on your education and personal growth. It is here to help you 

  • by researching early
  • getting involved
  • seeking out relevant scholarships
  • considering application requirements
  • tailoring your application
  • asking for recommendations
  • proofreading your application, and 
  • following up. 

So start your search today with Admissify and take the first step toward making your study abroad dream a reality! Don’t hesitate to contact the best study abroad consultants in Delhi for support and guidance on the scholarship application process.

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