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Master the GMAT: Tips and Tricks from Top Coaches

March 15, 2023
Master the GMAT Tips and Tricks from Top Coaches GMAT coaching in Delhi

The GMAT is a graduate admission entry program designed especially for students who want to graduate from school for commerce. The exam measures the decisive reasoning and thinking skills most applicable to graduate business programs. 

Students interested in studying abroad can consider the GMAT as the first step in the process. However, there are no short ways or particular tips to do well in the exam. You need to invest lots of time in preparation. The GMAT exam demonstrates candidates’ motivation, commitment, and ability to succeed in business schools and their careers. The real trick is to become an expert in the basic areas tested under each section. Candidates should especially focus on memorizing the entire key grammar and math properties. They should also go for the mock tests; depending on that, they must fix their study time. 


General Tips And Tricks For The GMAT Test

Take help from the study abroad consultants; hence you can get a clear picture of the exam. However, in this article, we are providing a few general tips for the candidates. 

  • Computer practice– The exam is taken on a computer and is a three-hour examination. Therefore, on exam day, you should not feel neck pain, back pain, or fatigue. To avoid all these, practice on the computer as much as possible. 
  • Try to break down questions and answers through online forums– Candidates must try to break down questions and answers through help online as they cannot invest much time in one question. Try to search for your answer through Google if you cannot solve the question within one minute.
  • Accept the process of elimination– It is easier to eliminate the wrong answers than pick the right ones. Therefore, make it a habit to eliminate the wrong answers from the options given to you. After that, you will easily get the right answer there.
  • Start answering questions maximum after two minutes– Remember that your score will decrease in this exam if you don’t finish a section. Therefore, it is wiser to answer each question and not invest more than one minute for one question.

The Major GMAT Tips And Tricks Given By Experts

  • Sentence correction tip- If you doubt the right answer, keep an eye on the clarity of the sentence correction questions. Sometimes you may find the shortest answer is the right one. Scan the shortest answer choices for errors, then pick them if you can’t find any.
  • Reading comprehension tip- Don’t read the questions first when facing a passage-based question. You need to read the passage very carefully and then answer the questions. It will save you time rather than reading the questions and trying to find answers from the passage.
  • Critical reasoning tip- Furthermore, it is a great idea to read the questions before the arguments in the critical reasoning type. Candidates can recognize what type of questions they have to answer. After that, read the arguments you seek and what you need.
  • Use a scratch pad- Students will get a scratch pad with five yellow grid double-sided pages. They will also get a non-permanent wet-erase marker to take notes on GMAT. However, the surface of the scratch pad is plastic; hence it will feel different from writing with a pen or pencil on paper. Practice writing on scratch pads before the exam is best. It will provide you with the feel and the space confinements. 
  • Plug-in numbers- The plug-in numbers process are easy to work with. Candidates should not use crazy numbers. Simple numbers like three, four, and five are fine to work with, and this method helps answer data-sufficiency questions. If you are confused about solving the given questions, this method can be a lifesaver.
  • Data sufficiency tip- Data sufficiency questions provide a special kind of process of elimination. Thus, candidates can select the right answer easily from the given option. You need to select the answer choices in the same order.

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