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Let Us Know About The Scholarships For Indian Students To Study In New Zealand

January 10, 2022
Scholarships For Indian Students To Study In New Zealand

Students who want to study in New Zealand must have a good plan before applying for colleges. There is a range of scholarships to choose from.

Students who want to study in New Zealand must have a good plan before applying for colleges. There is a range of scholarships to choose from. The universities like Kiwi and other colleges of New Zealand have numerous scholarship programs for international students. Students must apply within the deadline.

The university offers aid to deserving students and candidates willing to apply for research programs. The programs can vary from full-time to short time depending on the student’s demand.

Many private organizations and committees sponsor the scholarships for international students and the government of New Zealand. Students must check on the necessary elements before applying to these universities and their scholarship programs. Students must check on the last date of the submission of the form.


 Criteria Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in New Zealand 2022

The following criteria are essential for students to apply for the universities scholarship in new Zealand.

  •       the candidates must have the required academic score for qualifying the excellence level
  •       The institution or the college of New Zealand have their rank or score criteria for evaluation and selection purpose. These are highly based on the subject and the level as well.
  •       Students must also be engaged in extracurricular activities apart from an excellent academic record. Some of the scholarships demand volunteering services and similar experiences by the student.
  •       The scholarships have criteria that the students must be sure about before applying.
  •       Some high-level courses or research programs demand samples of the student’s specific research topic along with the application forms.
  •       You may contact any nearby best consultancies before progressing with applying to the scholarship program in New Zealand. These experts are known as IDP international education experts.

What amount of money is available through scholarships?

Every institute in New Zealand has its criteria and scholarship programs. Hence, the varying scholarship programs have their awards and grants according to the candidate’s course and subject requirements. Some scholarships provide a hundred percent sponsorship, whereas some provide a specific tuition fee. There is a high competition among the ambitious students who want to gain their seat for their suitable choice of subject. Government-based scholarships are in great demand than private aids. The students are suggested, to begin with, the procedure prior to eight to twelve months from the actual date of submission of the form. 

Here are some popular Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in New Zealand in 2022; 

1.New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS)

The government of New Zealand aids this scholarship program for Indian students. Students who want to pursue Ph.D. programs in New Zealand can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship grants an amount that covers several expenses such as living stipend, tuition fee, student levies, and health insurance for three years. The amount for health insurance may vary around twenty-five thousand NZ dollars. Students have to check in the specific institute for exact details. 

2. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

This scholarship provides:

  •       Allowances range from four hundred ninety-one NZD every week for expense purposes and three thousand NZD for living costs.
  •       Travel.
  •       Medical insurances along with the research expenses.

This scholarship is ideal for students who pursue master’s or Ph.D. courses. Students are advised to join the CSFP group.

 3. New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

This scholarship offers an opportunity for Indian students across eight universities of New Zealand. This scholarship is eligible for various fields, unlike others. This scholarship is sponsored by the University of New Zealand and the Education New Zealand (ENZ) circle. This scholarship scheme has three scholarships for undergraduates and twenty-eight scholarships for postgraduates. The prize award may vary from five thousand NZD for Postgraduation students to ten thousand NZD for undergraduate courses. 

4. NZ-GRADS New Zealand Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship

The GRADS has promoted this scholarship for students for completing their Ph.D. program based on agriculture and emission sciences. The scholarship offers coverage of three years for interested and deserving students. It grants an annual stipend of twenty-eight thousand NZD every year, and the tuition fee is ten thousand NZD every year. This scholarship also covers expenses of around twenty-eight NZC per year and one thousand NZD for visa costs. The scholarship covers the airplane expenses as well.

Students can easily apply for this scholarship via any consulting platform like Admissify and other Delhi-based consultancies.

 5. SEG Scholarship

The Soshi group funds this scholarship. They support the fields of geophysics and other related sciences subjects. They provide for the undergraduate programs and other programs, which fall under C scholarship. the former category avails grant money of seven thousand NZD per year, and the latter provides five thousand and three thousand NZD per year, respectively. These awards can last for a year. Indian students can apply for this during November. 


6. Palmerston North City Mayor’s Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship

The North Palmerston’s city council funds this scholarship as they want to support Palmerston North as a suitable location for international students. This institution provides vital career-building training and postgraduation course that benefits the student nicely. It grants an amount of thousand NZD for the first years only.

Indian students have ample chances for scholarships to avail themselves among the universities of New Zealand.

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