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January 4, 2022

Preparing for the IELTS test can get tricky for many students. Students take this exam to get their excellence in the English language skills to get a chance in overseas colleges and universities. The IELTS test can get challenging if the students do not prepare with time and dedication. If you are one of the IELTS examinees, then this article is for you. This article will let you know what to expect before you take your IELTS test. 


First, you must be sure about the format and the schedule of the tests. The test has four sections.

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The scheduling of the tests happens almost in the same order in all the centres of IELTS tests. The first three parts of the test occurs on the same day without any break in the middle. The last part of the test might happen on a different day, depending on the centre rule.

  • The format and structure of the test are the primary information students must know from the beginning of their preparation.
  • Listening- The total duration of the test is thirty minutes. You have to listen to four recordings that will consist of conversations and monologues. Then they will provide various types of closed and open-ended questions based on those recordings. You are allowed to hear the recordings only once.
  • Speaking – This part of the test has three sections: short questions, long questions, and discussion with the respective IELTS The duration of the speaking test is eleven to fourteen minutes. Hence, you will not get time to prepare for your answers before answering.
  • Reading – this reading test lasts for an hour. The reading test will include skimming, portraying the main idea and other aptitude tests.
  • Writing – The writing also has the same one-hour duration as that of the reading part. The two tasks involve writing one hundred fifty words and writing two hundred fifty words.

Both the reading and writing tests sometimes require proper training and guidance during preparation. You can access such activity in the centre where you are giving the tests.

  • It is important for students to carefully read the instructions and understand the questions’ answers. As a student, you must be quick to understand the main point in the answers. This is required for the writing and the speaking test You must give a to the point answer.
  • Practice can make your skills better. The earlier you start your trial, the better you will be able to answer and respond. This test is carefully timed for testing a student’s capability to cope with time. Therefore you can practice finishing the test within the stipulated time so that you face no difficulty during the exam. Practice will also give you some time to improve your lackings.
  • There are many free webinars and online platforms that provide training and mocks for the IELTS These trial examinations can improve your skill and help you get good scores in the IELTS. Even the centres of IELTS provide training and mocks for students who want proper guidance.

Last-minute tips 

Apart from all the important IELTS test tips, as a student, you may face other misleads and mistakes. A student needs to keep a positive mindset before the examination day and maintain a proper healthy diet and lifestyle. You cannot risk sudden illness and accidents before the examination. You may also protect your essential documents till the day arrives. You must be present at the examination venue with all the vital documents and files before entering the hall. Without proper identification verification, you won’t be allowed to attain the test. You must not consume any alcoholic beverage before the exam day. Preparing for IELTS can become hectic, especially when exam day is near. But you must not overwork your brain as that might lead to exhaustion and tired feeling. You must rest enough before appearing freshly on the examination spot. 

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