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October 6, 2018

With a wide range of courses and disciplines offered to international students, many students from India and other foreign countries are looking for a study visa to pursue their higher education in this country. The diverse cultural environment and the use of innovative techniques in studying have furthermore endeared Canada as an educational haven for aspiring students. If you are among the throng looking to study in Canada, then you would definitely need to know more about Canada immigration processes and the new rules governing the Canada study visa.


Study Direct Stream (SDS)

Supported by Scotia bank, a leading financial institution in Canada, this is the new rule that will help students to get a Canada study Visa.  Scotia bank will support the aspiring students with financial aid as they pursue their dream education in Canada. The bank will offer a Guaranteed Investment Certificate to the students who are eligible for studying in Canada based on certain criteria. As a program that will help facilitate student permits, this will speed up both Canada immigration procedures for students.

How does SDS help?

With the SDS in place, students can now focus more on studies, with the financial burden considerably relieved from their shoulders. Anyone who is eligible for a study visa can now apply without the fear of the cost involved. Furthermore this program will offer those students who were unable to get in to universities owing to lack of funding while also hastening the process of Canada immigration and visa processing.

SDS replaces the earlier rule SPP, established in the year 2009. SPP was linked with the colleges whereas the SDS is now linked with the students itself.

What do you need for SDS?

If you want to meet the eligibility criteria for SDS program enabling you to get a Canada study visa, then you need to fulfill the below requirements.

  • You need to have an admission in any University or a public funded college for a full time course.
  • You need a minimum of 6 bands in every module on the IELTS score card.
  • Proof of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) from Scotia bank which will help taking care of the first year living expenses in the country.
  • Proof of payment of the tuition fee for the first year.
  • A valid medical report taken not more than one week before the time of submission of the application.
  • Proof of academic qualifications acquired thus far.
  • There are multiple colleges that fall under the SDS making it easier for the students to choose one of their choice.

Benefits of SDS

The major change that you will find with SDS is in the band requirement on your IELTS score. For a student who has applied for a Canada study visa, whether for an undergraduate or a postgraduate course, the band requirement has been set at 6 for each module in IELTS instead of the previous 5.5.

The objective of implementing SDS in place of SPP is to offer priority visa processing for students, while also offering a wide range of colleges to choose from. With SPP only 47 colleges were registered wherein with SDS, every college and institution registered with DLI is taken into consideration thereby widening the choices for international students.

If you are looking to study abroad in Canada, then SDS definitely offers you the best opportunity for deserving candidates.

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